Much speculation today, apparently confirmed by Fox News:

Fox News has confirmed that former senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.) has told the network that he will file an exploratory committee for the New Hampshire Senate race.

His contract with the network has been canceled, as is standard practice for candidates for office.

“Scott Brown’s contributor agreement was officially terminated today once he notified Fox News of his intention to form an exploratory committee to run for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire,” Fox News executive vice president of programming Bill Shine said.

Is it for real, or just exploratory?

Several people involved in the discussions about Brown’s future said some in the GOP establishment remain skeptical, given the former Republican senator’s recent track record. Brown, 54, angered Massachusetts Republicans last year after indicating he would run in the state’s special U.S. Senate election, only to change his mind late in the process.

“He’s been reaching out to opinion leaders, to grass-roots activists, getting a sense of, `Would you be supporting a Scott Brown campaign?”‘ said former New Hampshire Rep. Frank Guinta, who is running again for Congress and was included in Brown’s outreach efforts. “That, to me, says he’s serious. But I think only Scott Brown knows if Scott Brown is going to run.”

If Brown runs, I don’t know if we’ll cover the race the way we did in 2010, when we were the first and almost the only one giving him a chance against Martha Coakley, and we turned the blog “all Scott Brown, all the time” as the rest of the internet caught on. Our election night coverage and celebration was epic.

And then we said Bye-Bye Brown as his Senate performance and positions disappointed.

Only to get sucked back into the 2012 campaign against Warren when her fake Indian status surfaced. We ended up driving many of the issues in that race, although I don’t think there was anything that was going to stop Massachusetts from electing Warren, not even had she driven drunk and left a girl to die like the namesake of the Kennedy Seat.

Jim Geraghty has early analysis of the race against Jeanne Shaheen.

So if Brown runs in NH, what does it mean for Legal Insurrection?

Resist we much.

Update: It’s official official —

Here’s the audio from Red Mass Group:

No surprise that Brown will run against Obamacare. That’s what got him elected in 2010. The issue was pretty much taken off the table in 2012 because of Romney’s Romneycare problem.

If ever there were a year to run against Obamacare, this is it.