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The Whatever Presidency

The Whatever Presidency

If only it were that benign.

What probably will be the most viral moment from the Sebelius hearing this morning:

And The Only Obamacare/Sebelius GIF You’ll Ever Need, from our friend Steve Gutkowski:

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So… Things I learned today…
1. the system NEVER crashed. (Pay no attention to that computer screen shot.)

2. Barracula is TOTALLY keeping his promises.

3. the insurance industry was TOTALLY unregulated before ObamaDoggle.

4. women for the first time in EVER now have health insurance.

    BlueOx in reply to Ragspierre. | October 30, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    I learned that offering a policy based on underwriting and actuarial assumptions which allow the issuing company to remain in business and the coverage they offer to have value is not “Real Insurance”.

    Forcing private companies to have retroactive responsibility before expenses without collecting a single premium and attempting to mask this burden by deliberately forcing others to be overcharged for things the biologically can never use – that is real insurance.


I just recently found out what that means in woman-speak.
And incredibly enough, it matches the phone number for
Obamacare. Coincidence? Doubtful.

If left to my own devices, I would never “do this” to She’s-bilious.

I would simply like her to return the favor.

“Generally, debate over the phrase high crimes and misdemeanors has split into two camps. The minority view is held by critics who undertake a literal reading of the Constitution. They maintain that high crimes means what it says—criminal activity—and argue that the Framers wanted only criminal activities to be the basis for impeachment. The generally accepted viewpoint is much broader. It defines high crimes and misdemeanors as any serious abuse of power—including both legal and illegal activities. Supporters of this reading believe that because impeachment is a public inquiry, first and fore-most, it is appropriate to read the phrase broadly in order to provide the most thorough inquiry possible. Thus, a civil officer may face impeachment for misconduct, violations of oath of office, serious incompetence, or, in the case of judges, activities that undermine public confidence or damage the integrity of the judiciary.”

Noun 1 misdemeanor – a crime less serious than a felony.

“(law) an offense involving intent to defraud and false representation”

If Barry and Sebelius are NOT guilty of A “misdemeanors“, then I don’t know who/whom (pick one) would be!

It’s hard to tell her and Liz Warren apart. I guess they are all smug and rigged for “Whatever.”

She really wanted to say “What difference does it make”…but that already had been used about Benghazi.

    “Whatever,” “Don’t do this to me,” “What possible difference does it make?” Right. The limp, lily livered congress people questioning these women just let this stuff pass.


    Sheesh, these women act like middle school queen bees and the congress doesn’t call them on that behavior.

    Really, I suppose it all rests upon our despicable media which should also be holding these women up to shame them for acting like children, but instead would shame anyone who upbraided the woman for that behavior.

    I am ashamed of my government. I fear for my son’s future.

This reminded me of the scene in Spartacus when Tony Curtis jumps up and sez “I AM SPARTACUS” and then all the others do the same.

She’s laughing at them (and us) and they are too stupid to know it.

It has come to the point where Obama and his cadre of apparatchiks understand they no longer have to make any sense at all. There are only two classes of potential supporters left to them: the committed totalitarian leftists, and those too stupid to figure out they are being used.

With President Obama, the Buck Stops Nowhere — Joe Klein, TIME

And I certainly expected more from the Affordable Care Act, since it is the most significant piece of social welfare legislation since the 1960s, and an absolutely crucial piece of our social safety net going forward. It is early days for the ACA and we should reserve judgment about whether this legislation was just too big and complicated a mess to implement. But, surely, SOMEONE–maybe many people–should be fired for these opening pratfalls. And we should also be able to get some of our money back from the private contractors who failed to implement the exchanges.

Khan: Kirk? You’re still alive, my old friend?
Kirk: Still, “old friend!” You’ve managed to kill everyone else, but like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target!

Notice that Joe Klein casts blame for the debacle, not on Obama’s leadership, but his failure to fire somebody.

The “whatever” comment is irrelevant. You’re missing the real news here:

Sibelius actually told the truth here, and an important one: Obama is responsible for this.

I know its tempting to try to use that “whatever” line like Hillary’s Benghazi “What difference does it make”. But, unlike Hillary’s, where she was directly referring to the issue at hand, the context of Sibelius saying “whatever” makes it far less damaging of a comment. Its like, ‘I’m responsible, the president’s responsible – whatever – we’re all responsible.’

But, the real news from this line of questioning should be:
“Sibelius: “Obama is responsible””, or whatever the exact quote is. That’s the headline you should be running. That’s what the focus of your article should be.

Obama’s been trying to dodge the blame for this for a month now. Here’s his own handpicked flunky running the disaster in question admitting, straight up, that Obama is responsible. And you’re obscuring that fact with your focus on “whatever”.

right-s-right | October 31, 2013 at 6:17 am

Ok, so Sebelius SAID OUT LOUD that OUR FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!!! is responsible. Fine. NOW, let us move to impeach him, for that, for Benghazi, Fast and Furious,the IRS and NSA scandals, and for being not an Amer…well, that one is controversial, but the other things, hey, if he’d been a Republican, he’d’ve been impeached and imprisoned and hence unavailable for a second term, several YEARS ago.

    Pete’s sake, we are in a real bind here. Should we go ahead and impeach the President then two very big problems emerge.

    1. We go down in history for racism as the libs control academia and therefore history.

    But even worse:

    2. We get a president Biden, who will easily slide into reelection for the following two terms due to immigration reform increasing the voter numbers for Dems.

    Egad, could this have been the diabolic plan all along and we are simply falling into their trap. Kahhhnnnn….

Add in “What difference does it make”…