Have you noticed?

Everything has changed since the Obama administration Barry-caded the World War II Memorial and tried to keep out a group of visiting WWII Veterans, and then the Democrats in the House killed funding for the Veterans Administration.

When Obama and Democrats declared political war on Veterans, it was a bridge too far.

Democratic hubris and Harry Reid’s fisticuff-style of politics were no match for elderly WWII Vets seeking to pay homage to their fallen comrades in what for many of them would be a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the WWII Memorial.

Everything changed overnight.  Even the biased mainstream media is being forced to cover the protests today.

Harry Reid has blinked in the face of the Scooter and Wheelchair Brigades, pathetically tweeting out blame for the Republicans even though the barricades were on order of OMB and funding for National Parks was killed by Democrats in the House.

Now Obama, who vowed no negotiations (unlike every other President in his situation) is bringing Congressional leaders to the White House this afternoon for a meeting.

The tide of battle has changed.

Thank a Vet today.


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