I’m glad the Muslim Brotherhood is out of power in Egypt. From the inception of the 2011 protests against Hosni Mubarak, we warned that western media, particularly the NY Times and its writer Roger Cohen, misunderstood the threat of Islamist supremacy in the revolution.

We were right, although the ability of the opposition to coalesce over a year later was a surprise, as was the military’s willingness to get involved. It was the economy, stupid, and the MB’s overreaching.

That said, you can’t ignore the fact that Mohamed Morsi was the duly elected President of Egypt. Call it a coup d’état or whatever you want, at least admit what just happened even if you like the result.

Around the time Morsi was removed yesterday, I sent out a tweet listing respective percentage wins of Morsi and Obama in the 2012 elections which placed each of them in their presidencies.

The reactions are below, but first, a quick poll, Was that an anti-Obama Tweet? (Poll closes midnight Pacific time tonight)

There were some humorous reactions:

And also reactions from people who I think understood the point:

But mostly defensiveness and “but Bush” complaints (including directed at Ben Smith of Buzzfeed for retweeting my tweet):

and of course the obligatory “dog whistle” claim:

It was just a tweet of facts, read into it what you want.


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