It’s worth “liking” the “Ready for Hillary” page on Facebook, the former First Lady’s foray into readying the country for her eventual campaign, not only to give your friends a fright, but also to witness just how different her marketing is than her nemesis Barack Obama.

The central theme of the campaign is “Ready for Hillary,” meaning, I assume, that at long last we are ready for her, ready for a woman, ready for returning to the way the Clintons would have things….

Ready for Hillary

I am struck with how the Hillary rebranding pales in comparison to Obama’s marketing. Although, maybe it’s all part of the plan. Americans may have grown tired of the flashy Obama way, all form and no substance. Instead, her graphics are just a little more regular . There’s no exciting new font (Gotham) or revised new font (Gotham with serifs), and feels more like a return to the 90s than a leap forward in branding.

What Ready for Hillary does give us are endorsements from tired faces (Wesley Clark?) and old wedding photos of the Clintons that harken back to another era. The theme seems to be one of the woman herself, rather than the amorphous themes “change,” “hope,” “forward,” of her old boss.

Hillary has to avoid reminding Americans of her policy failure (Healthcare) and sordid Clinton connections, distracting us the “I’m a woman, it’s my turn” approach.

The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher made the excellent point that one person who might have been ready for Hillary — referring to the “Ready for Hillary” Clinton marketing full-court press — was ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi.

Another failure of the most sober sort.

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