I have documented some of Hillary’s brand renovation exercises over the past year as she seeks to distance herself from Obama, whose “hope and change” polish has tarnished quite quickly over the past few months. It seems the more his brand falters, the more we see of Hillary.

At the swearing-in ceremony for Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, Michael Hammer, Hillary took the opportunity to break out her now-signature recipe for cool: self-deprecation, zany fun, and sunglasses (see Texts from Hillary). Watch for yourself:

As ABC reports,

Clinton then turned to Hammer’s wife and daughters  and said that since they were all in purple, she needed to be “appropriately attired” as well.  The secretary of state proceeded to put on purple mardi gras beads and what she called her “piece de resistance,” wing-tipped purple and green sunglasses.

As Obama’s recent assertion of Executive Privilege, brilliantly captured by Jon Stewart, hammers one more nail in the ho-hum “just like all the rest after all” coffin, Hillary continues to break out of the establishment mold. Where is she headed?


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