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Tweet to break the #Gosnell news blackout

Tweet to break the #Gosnell news blackout

The mainstream media is ignoring Kermit Gosnell’s abortion shop of horrors.

In addition to the near total blackout at newspapers like The NY Times and Washington Post and all major networks except Fox News, mainstream news sites like Politico are silent, with not a single story as of this writing. Compare that to when Politico turned over almost its entire homepage for a month to Herman Cain’s alleged paramours.

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This is an excellent use of new media, and being Breitbart.

Drag the Mushroom Media out of their holes.

The MSM is welcome to stay quiet. All they would do is hopelessly spin the story — it was the babys’ fault!!!

Instead of badgering the MSM to screw it up, what we need is a way to tell the story directly.

If you are ignorant of the elements of this case, Goldberg provides the grand jury report that led to Gosnell’s trial.

An obvious question: how would the coverage be different if Gosnell was a white Doctor?

Great idea. There is strength in numbers.

NO gun control measures passed until all abortions are completely outlawed in the U.S.

This will be Obama’s legacy – allowing mass murder abortions and allowing border agents and ambassadors to be murdered. He will be remembered as the one who allowed the slaughter of the innocents.

    David Yotham in reply to Sally Paradise. | April 12, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    Let us also remember how Obama has openly sided with Muslim’s against American interests. Islam and Socialist theology run on parallel ideologies – all consuming control and an embracing of death (for others).

In their willingness to corrupt the Fourth Estate for the benefit of a would-be dictator — and in this case, an actual butcher of human beings — the people in the MSM have demonstrated the same moral depravity as the perpetrator(s) in any horror story the MSM has ever covered.

Considering the tools at their disposal, these morally depraved people have become a very dangerous group. This is manifesting not only in the stories they won’t cover or the lunatics they give cover to, but it is manifesting in the lunatics that they are now hiring.

What an indictment of the Main Steam Media’s lack of a spine. It seems that Gosnell’s baby victims had more spine than these media cowards.

I mean this comment to highlight the utter contempt I have for those who are complicit in promoting the social progressive agenda without regard to the truth. I am appalled at Gosnell’s actions, his death clinic and the innocent lives who had their spines cut from their necks. Horror doesn’t begin to describe the evil that has been perpetrated and with complicity ignored by the media.

I visited several left wing sites last night to see if they’re giving this any coverage and/or debate. Coverage was light, as I expected and the comments broke down into two groups. Those who were disgusted and outraged and those who were more concerned about how this might affect abortion “rights”. Those filthy ghouls actually tried to make the argument that unless we allow people like Gosnell to operate, women would have to resort to back alley abortions so it was a small price to pay.

    And the difference between the practices of this so-called “clinic” and “back alley abortions” is WHAT, exactly?

      Aggie95 in reply to Wraith. | April 12, 2013 at 1:52 pm

      its rather odd isn’t it …. they point to these abortion clinics as they places to go to prevent what happened in this abortion clinic …. * SHRUG * ….it makes as much sense as forcing health care providers in Cal to provide fertility services to gay males couples who can’t get pregnant

      Valerie in reply to Wraith. | April 12, 2013 at 3:29 pm

      Back alley abortions are performed sooner?

If you have a blog ….blog it … I did

Friday, April 12, 2013100 Babies Beheaded ….Crickets Chirp
I often hear liberals tell me that there is no liberal media bias and that I should remove the tin foil head gear and stop listening to the voices in my head. I understand their attitude if I were the beneficiary of a stacked deck I wouldn’t be going out of my way to admit it either.

Well ladies and gentlemen we have a trial that has been going on in the city of Philadelphia that may well be the trial of a man who is the single most prolific serial killer in American history to date.

I think it’s only fair to notice that the doctor is accused of performing illegal abortions. That is, the babies are past the 24-week period. He is not operating within any kind of law.

Megyn Kelly Panel Slams Media Blackout of Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell’s Trial: