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Politico v. Herman Cain in numbers

Politico v. Herman Cain in numbers

Just the stats:

Days as of 8 p.m. Eastern today since Politico broke the story – 7
Politico news stories about or mentioning “Herman Cain“: 138
Politico news stories about or mentioning “sexual harassment“: 91
Politico news stories about or mentioning “sexual harassment” not involving Herman Cain: 0
Politico news stories showing what Herman Cain actually did: 0
Politico news stories showing specifically what Herman Cain was accused of: 0
Percentage drop in Herman Cain favorability rating as reported by Politico: 9
Politico news stories about or mentioning “Solyndra“: 9
Politico news stories about or mentioning “Fast and Furious“: 3
Politico news stories about or mentioning “unemployment“: 17
Politico news stories about or mentioning “recession“: 14
Politico’s credibility self-destruction: Priceless

[*run as of approx. 6 p.m. 11-6-2011]


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F A N A S T I C !

And in the case of Fast and Furious – PEOPLE DIED! ‘Member that line?

Dare I even ask if there was mention of Obama’s bundler and buddy Corzine, being neck deep in the missing $600 million in MF Global? Nahhhh

I wonder how many stories Politico had about Reverend Wright?

Joan Of Argghh | November 6, 2011 at 8:46 pm

Coverage of Jesse Jackson’s gay sexual harassment allegations= 0.

BTW, in case the Politico would like to see how to report on sensational allegations, go here. Details. Salacious details, at that. THAT’s what a scandal looks like, Politico. Get back to us when you have half as much as AOL has on Jackson.

AOL. Seriously. AOL has higher journalistic standards than the Politico.

“Fair and balanced.” Or maybe that was “Fairly unbalananced.”

Considering the date range constriction, that’s not entirely unreasonable. You’d expect that considering Solyndra broke over a month ago and Fast and Furious was even before then.

    By my count – 34 on Fast and Furious in 8 months… and they used the term fast and furious in 4 or 5 articles as a descriptive, as in ‘the comments were fast and and furious’ – like they just had to get that word out of their system somehow, but couldn’t really Do the story.

    Really – no POUNCE, like there is here, where Herman is the target and they have free rein.

    Doofenshmirtzinator in reply to Awing1. | November 7, 2011 at 10:39 am

    OK, run a search for Solyndra articles with no date restriction, then. Results? 14. Good call on that point.

      Doofenshmirtzinator in reply to Doofenshmirtzinator. | November 7, 2011 at 10:42 am

      [with my foot in my mouth] – Ok, Politico’s own search feature is perhaps broken. Search for Solyndra Oct 30 2010 to Nov 6 2011 yields 14 results. Go to “All Dates” specifically an it yields more, even within that date range.

        That’s kind of what I was getting at, the professor limited the results to one week in his search (hence why when you click the links the search is pre-limited), I’m guessing that he meant to imply that with the first line, I just thought it should be a little more clear.

        I totally agree with the conclusion, personally this shouldn’t have been a story after we found out the case was settled for “five figures”, and certainly not after we figured out it was the low end of those five figures ($35,000). We can never know what actually happened of course, but almost nobody settles for the cost of defense if they have a good case.

I just wish that registration wasn’t required for commenting at Politico (I don’t want scum having my email address) so I could tell them exactly what they’ve gained; NOTHING.

Include AP, Reuters, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC in that list as you could see they were delighted at the prospect that this would put an end to Cain’s chances.

Though I don’t trust polls commissioned by the MFM, they are showing a slight decline since last week for Cain.

Hopefully that’s just the effect of the negative articles and they’ll go back up again.

Thank You Politico for revealing your true colors. Thank you MFM for showing your contempt for the American people, the electoral process and the Republic.

Now if as many people can stop funneling money to these folks, maybe, just maybe we might have a chance to get our country back.

is it just me or is there a trend developing here

It would be REALLY interesting to compare the Politico/MSDNC coverage of allegations of Obama misconduct and suspicious circumstances- they include gay bath houses, he and Rahm, and dead guys… by Politico’s new standards, the dead guys are facts, hey’d be justified in spinning the SUPPOSITIONS about Obama mingled in there…
Open Secrets and Media Darlings – Hillbuzz
Three Possibilities for Obama’s BIG SCANDAL: Bribery, Gay Sex, and MURDER – both from Hillbuzz, there’s lots more if you Google, that’s just two from one site.

Would Obama have weathered the storm? How would HE have responded? If he didn’t have the machine running interference for his sorry ___.

Substitute the name and the organization and you get …
… the phony Herman Cain story.

Blog: the Kansas Citian
Post: Barack Obama accused by two men of inappropriate behavior

But, but, but, Counselor.

It’s not the fact in evidence. It’s the seriousness of the charge.

Unless you’re Democrat. Then it’s a ‘resume enhancement.’

littlebeartoe | November 7, 2011 at 7:32 am

It’s not just Politico, of course. I watch most of the first half hour of The Today Show most weekdays. They’ve covered the Cain-sexual-harassment story thus:

Tuesday, 11/1/11: top story, teased before the show started, four minutes. (The #2 story was three minutes on how healthy Obama is and the WH’s announcement that he has quit smoking, unlike Mike Block.)

Wednesday, 11/2/11: top story, teased, six minutes.

Thursday, 11/3/11: top story, nine minutes.

Friday, 11/4/11: top story, seven minutes. (#2 story: Michelle Obama has “inspired” the WH chefs to lose weight.)

Monday, 11/7/11: #2 story, three minutes. (#1 story: Jerry Sandusky, former football defensive coordinator at Penn State, indicted for molesting several young boys over several years.)

That’s 29 minutes in five weekdays– more than a half-hour show. With no real news beyond the first Politico piece. The fact that this morning the story slipped to the #2 spot might mean the story is waning, but The Today Show seems to be ready to bump it back up in case some real facts show up.

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Ran’s visits to Politico: 1. CFWOT.

Point being, Politico is little more than a left-wing intellectual masturbation site; their ability to effect public opinion in the direction they intend diminishes with every passing weak. (Er, week. – Ed.)

They didn’t make Heman Cain and they aren’t going to break him either. They have, on the other hand, helped the Hermanator’s campaign donations… (Heckuva job there, Martin!)

I don’t know what to make of this story but if true does anyone ever wonder about all the documents that have turned up missing or been blocked from public viewing concerning obama and his family and if one mentions it the liberal press goes into a quivering mass of self righteous indignation insisting there is nothing to see here

November 7, 2011
The Case Against Barack Obama, Sr.
By Don Wilkie

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You have to understand that Politico is a propaganda arm of the dim party much like the rest of the media. They have a long list of journolists on their rolls as contributors. Their whole goal is to call black… white, up…down, wet…dry. Or rather to fool the public with their lies and fabrications.

Rush is reading this on the air right now!

Just heard Rush read this on his radio show.

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