Team Breitbart: We’re going to smack Politico across the face and expose Buzzfeed:

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro took a more bellicose tone, declaring that Breitbart News writers would challenge not only the existing mainstream media for their biased coverage, but also the newer online outlets.

“You’ll notice that on our video site we don’t tend to care so much about MSNBC, because MSNBC is pretty open about the fact that they are left wing,” he said. “We do however care about Politico and we will smack Politico across the face as often as humanly possible.”

Shapiro added that other websites like Buzzfeed “hide behind this patina of entertainment in order to promote a left-wing agenda.”

Needless to say, the use of the term “smack” is getting attention, but that’s a distraction.

The bigger point is the point I’ve made here repeatedly over the years about Politico, and more recently Buzzfeed, which is a lack of transparency.

Politico has the patina of neutrality, but relentlessly goes after Republicans with a gusto and joy not seen when it comes to Democrats in general and Obama in particular. There’s enough “news” at Politico for it to hold itself out as a news organization, but there is no mistaking how it leans. I’d have more respect for Politico, like all mainstream outlets, if they were open about their political preferences.

Same thing goes for Buzzfeed. I’ve praised the job Buzzfeed does at blending the culture and politics. But again, I wish it were more transparent.

Here at Legal Insurrection, we’re transparent. We tell you who we support or oppose, and you can judge our content in that context.

That sometimes works against us — as in the case of Elizabeth Warren where her campaign and supporters tried to dismiss the evidence we presented against her because we were open about our politics. Even the Wikipedia editors cleansing Warren’s Cherokee controversy entry have accused us of being “partisan” as a means of disregarding facts we have documented about Warren.

We are partisan. So are Politico and Buzzfeed. And ABC, NBC, CBS and other “news” organizations.

The difference is that we are upfront about it.


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