Just thought you’d want to know.

I’ll try to add some links as the night goes on.


I will not see it, but the idiot malicious nasty fascist anti-Semitic sick-in-the-head BDS movement tried to get all commercials by SodaStream banned from the Super Bowl because it’s an Israeli company with its main plant in the West Bank (not that that makes a difference, because the BDS movement boycotts all Israeli companies, such as Sabra hummus and Aroma Cafe). (h/t @CiFWatch)

A different SodaStream ad was banned by CBS because it mocked Coke and Pepsi, not because of the BDS movement.

Also, our very own Branco made it to The Fives this week.  It wasn’t for a Legal Insurrection cartoon, but we’ve happy that he’s beginning to get the recognition he deserves regardless. You can view the cartoon here.

More — not watching the game, but do wish I had seen this live:


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