The worldwide Boycott Divest Sanction (BDS) campaign against Israel has mostly been a failure in the U.S., but that does not stop brainwashed youth brigades from trying to delegitimze Israel anyway.

Via IsraellyCool comes this video posted by the Philadelphia wing of the BDS movement, trying stop a supermarket chain from carrying Sabra and Tribe brand hummus, which are not made in Israel but are owned by an Israeli company:

Perhaps these moonbats also suggest we boycott Google, which lists Sabra brand at the top when one searches for Hummus (in a sponsored link):

Update:  Reader Ric from Virginia sends some more information.  Apparently a boycott of Sabra hummus was pushed by Palestinians at Princeton University, but it failed by a 2-1 student vote.  And, the hummus is made right here in the U.S.A., including at a plant in Virginia:

Sabra Dipping Company, a food manufacturing plant, held it’s grand opening in Chesterfield County today [May 26, 2010]. The company is creating 260 new jobs.

Sabra has only been making hummus and Mediterranean dips since 1986. But the company already outgrew it’s plant in Queens, New York.

After considering other sites in North Carolina and New Jersey, Virginia’s skilled workforce, short distance to the port, and state and local incentives brought Sabra to Chesterfield County.

Said Governor Bob McDonnell, “This is a huge announcement. Nearly 300 jobs in Chesterfield County, $60 million investment. It’s part of the Governor’s Opportunity Fund that Governor Kaine helped to invest a couple of years ago.”

It is easy to make light of the foolishness of the BDS movement, but it is deadly serious.  Hurting Israel economically is just one aspect of the war on Israel, along with campus divestment and other anti-Israel movements.

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