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What do Intrade and Nate Silver show for who’s winning the Cairo Street?

What do Intrade and Nate Silver show for who’s winning the Cairo Street?

I’m going to do this the way I did the U.S. presidential election.  Going with my gut.

I’m “betting” on (but not rooting for) the Islamists.

Unlike the presidential election, I will be right.

‘Deadly’ clashes at Egypt presidential palace:

Supporters of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi attacked opposition protesters outside the presidential palace in Cairo on Wednesday, with reports of two people killed and dozens of others injured.

A small group of opposition activists have been camped outside the palace since Tuesday night, when tens of thousands rallied against a controversial decree which gives Morsi near-absolute power.

Supporters of the president marched to the palace on Wednesday and tore down the opposition’s tents; witnesses said they threw stones and used clubs to attack demonstrators, and there were reports of petrol bombs being thrown. Opposition protesters were driven away from the palace and fled down side streets.

Roger Cohen, your bookie is calling.  Do you want to double down?

Yes. You. Do.


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Morsi will buy off the masses with a sop.

Meantime, he is identifying and isolating his opposition leadership.

I predict a short future for those who defy the Brotherhoodlems(tm)

If only the odds were more even, but the professor is touting a sure thing.

One can only hope that the “colonels” in the barracks are loyal to their deposed generals and ready to overturn Morsi and the brothers. (But somehow, I’m not optimistic about it happening.)

News item:

Roger Cohen expecting large bubble holding Google Man and Billie Burke to descend upon Tahrir Square.

Follow the red blood-spattered road to the Arab Spring.

I predict heads will roll.

Muslims shed muslim blood even more than they shed any other. Pakistan has at least one bombing per day of muslims killed by muslims.

There is no peace in Islam and there can never be.

The core writings of Islam contain contradictions that are impossible to reconcile, radism, misogyny, violence, cruelty and hatred.

The fruit of Islam is the opposite of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit and of the Torah/Law/Commandments of GOD. Islam produces tyranny, conflict, terror – the opposite of GOD’s Character: Love, Truth and Life, Righteousness, Peace and Joy.

Anyone else see an eerie similarity between Morsi’s power grab and Obama’s insistence on transferring power to borrow money from legislative to executive branch?

In the short term, the only potential threat to Morsi is the Colonels – he’s replaced the Generals who were politically hostile, but it’s never the Generals who conduct coups. But in the somewhat longer term, unless he finds a way to turn sand into grain, he has a huge problem.

It’s one thing to get all hyped up on your moon god and jihad even as the price of bread rises. It’s another to stay with the program when there is no bread to be had at any price. And that is precisely where Egypt is heading, fast.