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More sucker punch Michigan video

More sucker punch Michigan video

Steven Crowder released this “unedited” video yesterday of the Michigan union protests that resulted in him being sucker punched.

I’m not sure the video adds anything new.  If you look at the several videos already posted here, you get the full picture of very aggressive union protesters pulling down the tent without regard to the fact that people were inside.  It also was pretty clear that the guy who sucker punched Crowder was the aggressor, following and taunting Crowder before the physical confrontation.

Nonetheless, this “unedited” video — which is unedited only to the extent of showing the complete video available of the physical confrontation — does prove the point again.

What is not shown in this or any other video is how the union guy ended up on the ground prior to attacking Crowder, but if you look at this video frame by frame starting at the 5:45 mark, there is nothing to suggest that Crowder pushed him, and it is clear that Crowder was not going after the union guy when Crowder was attacked.

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I was all staged. Really. Really! Tony C works for AFP or was goaded or something…. He’s a really nice guy once you get to know him. Or he’s evil if he’s AFP.

This whole issue just shows the Left is full of wannabe intelectuals who spew forth what they so rigidly believe in– despite facts, witnesses, etc.

Too bad the cops can’t find this guy. Maybe they don’t have enough to go on. I mean, they’re not used to looking at high res color video. Maybe someone should dumb it down to look like a 1 fps low res B&W security camera. Yeah, that’s it.

    Anchovy in reply to JerryB. | December 21, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    Yeah,and if they need some help with that they could get the MSM film editor that worked on the Zimmerman film.

I guess Andy (not Andrew) Sullivan and his union buddies need to push for new legislation to supplement Stand Your Ground Laws – Fall on Your Fat Ass Laws, which would allow any Humpty Dumpty shaped union thug embarrassed because he “faw down, go boom” to throw punches at someone else from behind.