There are multiple videos shot by different people, including a local news station, showing union members in Lansing yesterday engaged in violent actions against Steven Crowder and others at the Americans For Prosperity tent.

The videos were shot from several angles and sides of the tent. 

The union members are seen cheering as their members walked on the collapsed  tent as people in the crowd screamed that there were people still inside.  A few of the more responsible people in the crowd cut through the tent and lifted its sides looking for people trapped.

The videos are quite clear.  Even Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake noted the obvious yesterday, VIDEO: Michigan Protesters Tear Down Americans for Prosperity Tent:

Earlier today AFSCME reported that 10,000 people showed up at the state capital in Lansing to protest the passage of Michian’s “right to work” law by the Republican dominated state legislature. Why anyone thought it was a good idea to throw up an anti-union tent in the midst of that is anybody’s guess, but Americans for Prosperity did, and the video above shows it being torn it down.

Yes, indeed, the video posted by Hamsher does show the tent being pulled down by union members.  I have taken a screen shot of the Hamsher post at one of the moments in the video showing union members pulling the tent down:

Yet this overwhemling evidence has not stopped the Lansing Truthers from claiming this all is a Koch conspiracy.  Here are Hamsher’s updates to her original post, noting that one of Firedoglake’s own bloggers was spreading the conspiracy theory:

Update: Marcy Wheeler reports that “witnesses say the Americans for Prosperity people were trying to provoke union members to violence, and witnesses reportedly saw AFP people loosening the ropes on the tents so they would come down.”

Update II: Chris Savage from Eclectablog says that Americans for Prosperity tore down their own tent, and promises video soon:

Ed Schultz of MSNBC is on board helping spread the conspiracy.

Nice Deb has a collection of links and videos, including this video shot from inside the tent as it was pushed down from the outside, as someone on a bullhorn asked protesters to “Please step away from the tent.”

Progressives need to admit that they are in bed with thugs, and then come to grips with what that means for their political philosophy.

Update:  @scrowder Gets the Left’s ‘Plate Glass Window’ Treatment and Leftist Blogs Go Into ‘False Flag’ Mode, Mainstream Media Goes Silent.


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