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Most chilling Michigan video — “There are people under there, oh my God”

Most chilling Michigan video — “There are people under there, oh my God”

The numerous videos of the union mob action in Michigan today show an assault on Steven Crowder, but it actually was potentially much worse as the mob collapsed the tent even as bystanders screamed that there were people inside.

Here’s the descripion from the news station which filmed the event:

Right to work protesters toppled a tent on the capitol lawn that had been erected by supporters of the legislation. The tent straps were loosened and then toppled even though there were people inside.

A loud and angry confrontation between protesters and supporters followed. Within minutes, state troopers showed up to push the crowd back. When troopers met resistance, they began using their nightsticks.

As the union members attacked the Americans For Prosperity tent, a woman cried out “there are people under there, oh my God” (at 1:20). At 1:40, as union members start walking on top of the collapsed tent, a man shouted “hey, there are people in there” but again the crowd didn’t stop, and the union members continued walking on the collapsed tent defiantly as the crowd shouted obscenities and cheered.

At 1:57 the woman cried out again “there’s people in there,” but to no avail. You can then see various people probing at large lumps under the tent, presumably checking if anyone was trapped. Yet the crowd continued with its profane taunts, as others lifted the edges of the tent and looked underneath, again presumably to see if anyone was trapped.

Someone shouts “go home you bunch of parasites” as the crowd chanted “Go Home.” At 3:30 someone asks, “does someone want to help me lift this? I wonder if there are any people in there.” Then another person said, “there was, there was a bunch of women and older people.” Then another person yelled, “fuck these people.” Another yelled, “they want a war, they got it.”

While that is going on, at about the 4:20 mark, you can see people cutting through the tent, apparently searching for people trapped, not cutting it up for souvenirs as some have claimed, because they looked under the tent as they cut through it. 

It doesn’t appear that there were any people trapped, only by luck, but the crowd didn’t know that.

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Conservative Beaner | December 11, 2012 at 9:18 pm

Gotta love those union goons. Wave the flag, talk about workers rights and then trash your right to be heard. Unions only work for their power not you.

Those Republicans didn’t get elected without a bunch of votes from union members.

Right-to-work laws do not get rid of unions: they only make the unions accountable to their members.

Until we get identification of the thugs, we should not assume they are residents of the state of Michigan.

As someone who grew up, and lived in, the great State of Michigan for the first thirty-five years of his life, I’d just like to note that there is no kind of unionized thuggery and misbehavior in that clip that I haven’t personally witnessed before.

No … it’s not pleasant to see … but it is reality.

    TugboatPhil in reply to Samuel Keck. | December 11, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    Sam, I grew up with the United Mine Workers in West Virginia. When they were at work, they were the most humble people you’d want to meet. No room for egos a mile down.

    However, strikes were almost an annual event. The last picket line you’d want to cross was a UMW line. They were pure savages on strike.

    My grandad was in on the beginnings of that union and it served a great purpose. But by the 70s and 80s, they’d almost collapsed the deep mining industry.

    By the 90s, when the Democrats switched allegiance to the greenies, the miners were treated like hangers-on. Only since Obama turned the EPA over to the Communist Party have they begun to see how they were played the fool.

      Samuel Keck in reply to TugboatPhil. | December 11, 2012 at 10:58 pm

      Points all well taken. Thank you for your comments.

      ThomasD in reply to TugboatPhil. | December 12, 2012 at 2:54 pm

      The UMWA’s response to all this has been to expand their ranks with healthcare workers – nursing assistants, kitchen staff, and such. So much so that I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out that the majority of UMWA members have never actually worked in a mine.

Did you notice how the news media called the union members “right to work protesters” to confuse the sheeple on exactly which side was causing the mayhem?

    Dimsdale in reply to LIDavidD. | December 11, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    My thoughts exactly. Parsing the press is just too easy, since they follow such well established patterns. Or is it Democrat talking points?

Welcome to 1932.

And Boehner and the rest of the GOP establishment hacks are huddled in a corner, fretting about the budget talks.

It is time for a drastic purge of the GOP leadership. And I mean, today.

Has it become a rhetorical question to ask, “Where the hell were the (unionized) police?”

If the police can’t be depended on to maintain order and protect women and children from gangs of thugs, then I don’t see that there’s really a point in having them on the city/state payroll….

[…] For a better clip that actually shows there are people inside the tent and the union thugs pulling up the stakes on the tent check out Legal Insurrection’s post. […]

[…] Via Legal Insurrection. […]

Unions have always been willing to kill people who get in the way of their money. What’s new about that?

Oh, but the Unions are for “the working guy,” just like the Dims – it’s just that the working guy doesn’t know what’s in his own best interests. Hence: Gotta keep ’em on the plantation, even if it means cracking a few heads – eggs, omelets, etc.

Their wrath increases, because they know their time is up – the dying gasp of an antiquated movement.

Wish we had right-to-work legislation here – I really don’t appreciate the union (of which I am not a member) taking money out of my paycheck without my having a say in the matter.

Everything the MSM claims the Tea Party is and nobody covers it.

[…] UPDATE: Union Puke-Wads Stamping on Old Ladies. […]

If unions were so good and beneficial, then right to work legislation would be no threat to them at all.

Right to work also means right to be in a union. Funny how that never gets mentioned. Along with the anti American, gangster criminality of “card check”.

[…] are people under there, oh my God.” Comments […]

BannedbytheGuardian | December 12, 2012 at 12:34 am

Lame , Go full on retro.

If you are going to a dem take a pitchfork.

Very versatile gardening & all- around accessory.

top it off with a red checked kerchief for a truly photogenic outfit.

[…] inside escaped before the tent completely collapsed, but as Bill Jacobsen at Legal Insurrection noted, it was “only by luck … the crowd didn’t know […]

[…] inside escaped before the tent completely collapsed, but as Bill Jacobsen at Legal Insurrection noted, it was “only by luck … the crowd didn’t know […]

[…] outside the state capitol during the vote involved the usual union thuggery, from the destruction of a conservative activist group’s tent to a reporter being punched to tear-gassed efforts to block access to the building, and worse […]

Look for the union label. You’ll find it stamped on your head.

[…] democracy enacted a Right to Work law in Michigan.  Socialists got violent.  I am glad the Obama administration sternly condemned the violence encouraged more violence with […]

I guess what happens in Michigan stays in Michigan because the MSM has redrawn the USA map. There must be only 49 states now, Michigan not mentioned once on any of the three major morning shows – CBS This Morning, Today, and GMA. But to talk about Bono or Paul McCartney singing at a concert tonight in NYC, sure. Actual and real news? Not. Norah O’Donnell even had the nerve to refer to herself a “journalist.” I nearly spewed my coffee across the breakfast table.

Eosredux, heard on the radio today while on the road from a local talk show host, “must really be a slow news day when they talk about a play in London based on the Spicegirls for a whole minute”. I forget which major network news it was, ABC or Fox, with their half hour news updates.

It’s a bummer that blogs like this one don’t have an avenue in the public center of attention to highlight important events like this one.

You’re wrong about no one cutting up the tent for souvenirs.

Here’s the link to the video

I want to know who that guy was near the end, spewing obscenities and ripping open the pop can packages. I believe he was the one who pulled on the back of Crowder’s collar and then shouted about having killed 20 men with guns. He seems downright unstable.

Even after all the videos yesterday, this one definitely made me angriest. The union thugs who pulled that tent down and then cheered (NOT the decent ones who tried to help or tried to stop the destruction [there was a clip yesterday of a couple black union guys trying to do just that]) are scum. Pure and simple.