The numerous videos of the union mob action in Michigan today show an assault on Steven Crowder, but it actually was potentially much worse as the mob collapsed the tent even as bystanders screamed that there were people inside.

Here’s the descripion from the news station which filmed the event:

Right to work protesters toppled a tent on the capitol lawn that had been erected by supporters of the legislation. The tent straps were loosened and then toppled even though there were people inside.

A loud and angry confrontation between protesters and supporters followed. Within minutes, state troopers showed up to push the crowd back. When troopers met resistance, they began using their nightsticks.

As the union members attacked the Americans For Prosperity tent, a woman cried out “there are people under there, oh my God” (at 1:20). At 1:40, as union members start walking on top of the collapsed tent, a man shouted “hey, there are people in there” but again the crowd didn’t stop, and the union members continued walking on the collapsed tent defiantly as the crowd shouted obscenities and cheered.

At 1:57 the woman cried out again “there’s people in there,” but to no avail. You can then see various people probing at large lumps under the tent, presumably checking if anyone was trapped. Yet the crowd continued with its profane taunts, as others lifted the edges of the tent and looked underneath, again presumably to see if anyone was trapped.

Someone shouts “go home you bunch of parasites” as the crowd chanted “Go Home.” At 3:30 someone asks, “does someone want to help me lift this? I wonder if there are any people in there.” Then another person said, “there was, there was a bunch of women and older people.” Then another person yelled, “fuck these people.” Another yelled, “they want a war, they got it.”

While that is going on, at about the 4:20 mark, you can see people cutting through the tent, apparently searching for people trapped, not cutting it up for souvenirs as some have claimed, because they looked under the tent as they cut through it. 

It doesn’t appear that there were any people trapped, only by luck, but the crowd didn’t know that.

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