Elizabeth Warren raised $12.1 million in the third quarter, compared to $7.45 million for Scott Brown.  It is not yet known how much cash on hand Warren has, but Brown has $10.2 million.

There is a problem, though.  Warren uses credit card portals which do not have security features, as explained by Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart.com, $16 Million of Warren Donations from Sites Lacking Foreign Donor Protections:

Of the $28 million Democrat Elizabeth Warren raised for her Massachusetts Senate campaign at the time she had filed the August 17 pre-primary report (covering contributions to June 30, 2012), 42% (approximately $13 million) came from “unitemized” individual contributions donated on two online websites that lack industry standard security protections to prevent illegal donations from foreign nationals. When the Warren campaign’s third quarter reports are finally available, we’ll see if that percentage remains….

Breitbart News has learned that more than $6.2 million in donations to Democratic nominee Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for the Massachusetts Senate seat came through the Act Blue conduit website. $2.5 million of this amount was itemized and reported in Warren’s FEC filings. $3.7 million came from small donors and was unitemized.

Incumbent Senator Scott Brown does not use a similar conduit website to raise money for his campaign….

The ACT Blue website has virtually no protections to prohibit the acceptance of donations from non-US citizens.

Both the ActBlue website and the Elizabeth Warren campaign website are among the political websites that lack the basic CVV security code protections to limit fraud and the receipt of foreign donations. The Scott Brown campaign website does have the CVV security code protection.

To me it’s not just a question of foreign donors, it’s a question of using “small” donations to Act Blue and other groups to funnel money to Warren in a way which permits donors to evade campaign contribution limits.

This is just another example of the shady practices behind the Warren mythology, including the false claim to be Cherokee, the politicized research, the lack of a Massachusetts law license, the representation of Dow Chemical, and the nickel and diming of the federal court system on records access fees.

Update: Former US Attorney calls for investigation of Elizabeth Warren law license problem


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