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Elizabeth Warren’s credit card fundraising problem

Elizabeth Warren’s credit card fundraising problem

Elizabeth Warren raised $12.1 million in the third quarter, compared to $7.45 million for Scott Brown.  It is not yet known how much cash on hand Warren has, but Brown has $10.2 million.

There is a problem, though.  Warren uses credit card portals which do not have security features, as explained by Michael Patrick Leahy at, $16 Million of Warren Donations from Sites Lacking Foreign Donor Protections:

Of the $28 million Democrat Elizabeth Warren raised for her Massachusetts Senate campaign at the time she had filed the August 17 pre-primary report (covering contributions to June 30, 2012), 42% (approximately $13 million) came from “unitemized” individual contributions donated on two online websites that lack industry standard security protections to prevent illegal donations from foreign nationals. When the Warren campaign’s third quarter reports are finally available, we’ll see if that percentage remains….

Breitbart News has learned that more than $6.2 million in donations to Democratic nominee Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for the Massachusetts Senate seat came through the Act Blue conduit website. $2.5 million of this amount was itemized and reported in Warren’s FEC filings. $3.7 million came from small donors and was unitemized.

Incumbent Senator Scott Brown does not use a similar conduit website to raise money for his campaign….

The ACT Blue website has virtually no protections to prohibit the acceptance of donations from non-US citizens.

Both the ActBlue website and the Elizabeth Warren campaign website are among the political websites that lack the basic CVV security code protections to limit fraud and the receipt of foreign donations. The Scott Brown campaign website does have the CVV security code protection.

To me it’s not just a question of foreign donors, it’s a question of using “small” donations to Act Blue and other groups to funnel money to Warren in a way which permits donors to evade campaign contribution limits.

This is just another example of the shady practices behind the Warren mythology, including the false claim to be Cherokee, the politicized research, the lack of a Massachusetts law license, the representation of Dow Chemical, and the nickel and diming of the federal court system on records access fees.

Update: Former US Attorney calls for investigation of Elizabeth Warren law license problem


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Where would Liz get this idea? How creative!

    This was standard practice for Barack Obama in 2008 and still is today. I believe there were other Democrats who did the same thing in 08. Needless to say, the press wasn’t interested that you could donate money from any credit card using the name “Chester Drawers”, etc. Neither was the FEC.

Power means everything to these people, law be dammed. The rules doesn’t matter as long as the Dem can’t be sent to jail for it. Fines are meaningless because they can just raise more illegal money or extort businesses for it once they win. Power is everything to these people and any conduct that gives them power regardless of how it is done, is okay.

It is ironic that Warren was slated to head the Consumer Protection Agency from the Dodd Frank bill. I guess it would have been only some consumers.

    Ragspierre in reply to RickCaird. | October 15, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    “It is ironic…”

    Not in the Obamabanana Republic. We have Turbo-Tax Timmy, for instance. ONE instance… We also have Sib-billous breaking the campaign laws regularly.

    They are outlaws.

This trick was used by the Obama campaign in 2008.

A Visit into the Mind of a Mass Dem
I spoke to a smart, highly educated DEM woman recently.

DEM: Gosh, Biden was wonderful and the moderator was really perfect.
ME: Really? Biden interrupted 85 times and was rude and the moderator did not moderate.
DEM: Well he was passionate. Plus i liked his interruptions because he made good points. I guess if Ryan interrupted i would not really like that. I really liked the moderator. She asked tough follw up questions.
Me: (sigh)
Me: Do you like Warren?
DEM: Oh yes. And this Indian stuff is ridiculous
ME: Ridiculous? She used a false claim of minority identity to become a Harvard professor!
DEM: That is just some Republican exaggeration or lie. No one proved that.

POINT: all this stuff about how bad Warren is JUST DOES NOT MATTER. As Deval Patrick said: No One Cares

That is really unfortunate, but it is the way it is in MASS. I will be surprised if BROWN wins. Possible, yes. and the result I want — but a tough race in the land of looney DEMS who refuse to think critically and just base votes on a (utterly unfounded) belief that the DEMS are “fair” and the Republicans are not

She has a brand new ad out with a family member died from asbestos. The person who died worked at the Fore River Shipyard. The family member says she went all the way to the Supreme Court to get more money for the victims and families.


TrooperJohnSmith | October 15, 2012 at 3:22 pm

These illegal foreign donors are just doing the job American donors refuse to do.

That would be the job of of electing a Socialist-Progressive-Nutjob.

I see in a recent article I dont remember where , that in spite of all these ethical lapses she leades in the polls. I guess the mass of the Massechusetts massholes just dont care and refuse to vote GOP more than 1 time. I dont know if Weld , Romney , Brown were all elected in off year elections.

“The Democrats, in essence, are nothing less than a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.”

Quotation from the great Michael Walsh, in The People v. the Democratic Party

Lizzie is just following the leader. One wonders if these two are joined at the hip because they feed on each other’s ideas. You didn’t build that was first said by warren and taken up by obama and crooked donations via credit cards was a iniated by obama. They’re a pair, are they not? Crooked to the bone. Are there any dims who are honest and above board? Actually… They’re all bought and paid for by one group or another….foreign or domestic. And sometimes by multiple groups.

No campaign donation violations (that can be proven) and absolutely no such thing as voter fraud! Poll numbers seem fixed,unemployment numbers seem to be rigged, California didn’t report! You crazy Republicans are just a bunch crazy conspiracy nutjobs!

great unknown | October 15, 2012 at 7:02 pm

The title of this blog shows the Professor’s parochial perspective. In his naive little approach to life, dishonesty and immorality would keep him awake at night. Hence, “Fundraising Problem.”

In the world of Warren and her ilk, it’s only a problem if they are caught – and punished. Or, from a different aspect, dishonesty is not a bug, it’s a feature.

Warren is a disgusting piece of work. How infuriating that Massachusetts voters may foist her off on all of us.

Keep hammering at it, Professor.

Fauxcahontas = Obama

As Howie Car noted today, the woman who prides herself on fighting fraud is practicing what she preaches against.

Hypocrite, Democrat be thy name.

Most of her money comes from OUTSIDE Massachusetts, while most of Brown’s comes from MA residents.

Telling, is it not?