At the two prior debates, Scott Brown effectively used the line that Elizabeth Warren “checked the box.”

As discussed with regard to yesterday’s polling, this is hurting Warren.

But so far in the debates no one has mentioned what box Warren checked, and why she doesn’t want to release the records showing that box.

That box almost certainly was identical to what Harvard now uses, the standard EEOC definition of Native American which requires both Native American ancestry and either tribal affiliation or community recognition:

Warren cannot meet either test.  She cannot point to an ancestor who was Native American, and she never had tribal affiliation or recognition by any Native American community.

Why do I keep on harping on this definition?

It’s because it puts to rest the notion that Elizabeth Warren’s “family lore” could justify her checking this box.  At the time she checked the box she would have known that she did not meet the definition.

If this is the box Warren checked, and it likely was, then she knowingly claimed an ethnic identity she knew she was not entitled to claim based on a definition which was spelled out for her.

That is why Warren will not release her employment records.  If she did so her family lore would be revealed to be a diversion.

Equally impotrant, the checking of that box might have legal implications depending upon whether the document was signed under oath or penalty of perjury.  Even if not under penalty of perjury, the box was checked for Harvard’s federal filing purposes, which creates its own set of problems for Warren.

I don’t think most people understand the significance of this box.  It’s not just a box, it’s a window into Warren’s ethnic deception.  There’s a reason Warren is hiding it.

And it needs to be explained succinctly to viewers the next time the box checking comes up.


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