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Mass Senate Debate Tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern

Mass Senate Debate Tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern

UpdateBrown-Warren Debate – LIVE


I’ll be watching, and hopefully embedding a live video if I can find an embeddable version.  At a minimum, I’ll have a link to the live feed.  Also, I may have a joint live blog feed with Red Mass Group blog.

I’m confident Brown will hold his own against Warren, or better, but the deck is stacked against him because Jon Keller of the local CBS affiliate is the moderator.

You’ll remember that Keller is the person who ran a hit piece on me and the Cherokee women who traveled to Boston in June, trying to suggest that because I donated $500 to Brown in 2010 and helped put the Cherokee women in touch with Boston media that their trip was a Brown operation (which was not the case). All Keller wanted to focus on was trivializing the Cherokee women, not whether Warren was an ethnic fraud:


Keller is like that guy in Nevada who fancies himself a local non-partisan political guru, but is in the tank in devious ways for the prevailing Democrats as his video about the Cherokee women demonstrated.

In other news, Tom Menino, the Mayor of Boston, will endorse Warren at a rally tomorrow.  There had been speculation that Menino might not endorse, but that was a pipe dream.

Menino, famous for threatening Chick-fil-A, always was going to endorse Warren, he just was waiting for the right moment.  I guess he figures that the day after the debate is the right moment, so that if Warren messes up, the coverage the next day will be on his rally; and if she does well, it will build momentum.

I hope Brown rips into Warren’s ethnic fraud without hesitation.  All he needed to do is read recent blog posts here for the road map to exposing Warren’s false explanations and how she rigged the system.

See you tonight.


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Though, he is endorsing her on a Friday @ 4:00. Not exactly the time to get the most impact.

Gwen Awful moderating the V.P. debate anyone?

I hope Brown “sticks” her with his “points” (think arrow heads). Also, I hope he doesn’t allow her to do a “hatchet” job on him. And, I really hope he drives home that though there is smoke coming from the top of her tepee, it doesn’t mean that anyone is there.

The De-masquerade Ball.

Here’s to hoping Brown has a little “Fire in the Belly”.

I predict Scott will have a good one-liner tonight similar to the “This isn’t the Kennedy seat, it’s the people’s seat”.

It’s shocking to think a Menino endorsement has any value. Of everyone I know living in Boston all have little respect for him.

$100 says that Keller will try to get Brown to denounce Todd Akin for his comment and Romney’s for his 47% comment.
He will do everything he can to help Warren.

    The Rebel in reply to NeoKong. | September 20, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    And I hope Brown responds to the Akin question with a Newt-like answer, such as “many people in Massachusetts as in most other states are still hurting from the Obama recession, and are not interested in ancillary social issues but in real pocket-book ones that affect their day-to-day life here in this state. They don’t care what some Senate candidate in Missouri has to say. Let’s stick to the real issues.”

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If Scott Brown smacks her down, I will donate tonite. I’ve been holding back for the debates.

Right out the gate, she lies.