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September 2012

It's very difficult in Ithaca or Rhode Island to get a sense of how the presidential contest is playing out. Because both New York and Rhode Island are sure winners for Obama, there is virtually no advertising on television in these markets for the presidential race. ...

The class clown of the academic internet is beclowning again; must be he's upset with my investigation into Elizabeth Warren so he attacks the only way he knows how.  Rather than address the merits, he picks a three and one-half year old post of mine and calls me names.  Class act. So I thought I'd revisit the wise observation by Prof. Stephen Bainbridge of UCLA Law School:

"a discussion with the likes of Brad DeLong is not productive"

I figured that out a long time ago. But now my friends Larry Ribstein, Jonathan Adler, JW Verret, and Todd Henderson have figured it out too. I won't bother you with the merits of the argument, because you can't have an argument--let alone a conversation--with someone with Delong's consistent pattern of, as Adler puts it, "selective editing" and misrepresenting his opponent's positions. To quote Adler again, "Yes, this is the same Professor DeLong who repeats baseless accusations against other academics and then, when asked to substantiate his charges, selectively edits his comment threads and then dissembles about said editing when called on it." I believe it was George Bernard Shaw who said "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it." Hence, I agree with Larry that "a discussion with the likes of Brad DeLong is not productive." With luck, this'll be the last time his toxic style of intellectual thuggery and execrable personality will be mentioned in these pages.

I really try not to read the comments in other blogs about me.  In the early days I did care, but I learned that it's generally not healthy. But when I saw that Volokh Conspiracy had a short post by Jonathan Adler about Elizabeth Warren -- VC's first foray into the issue, I believe -- I did read. It's still not healthy.  But one comment (by a commenter, not Adler) caught my eye, referring to a sentence in my original post about Warren's law license problem:
I recommend that people view Jacobson's posts with skepticism.... For example, Jacobson's very first post says "Warren’s Texas Bar information indicates she is not eligible to be licensed in Texas."   In fact, she holds Texas bar membership and has been paying dues, as an inactive member.  If she were not eligible to practice, upon payment of the higher dues required of active members, those very words -- "Not Eligible To Practice in Texas" -- would appear on her profile page as it now does for others.
Hmmm.  I have been meticulous in the facts I have reported about Warren.  It is true that Warren now is shown as "inactive" and has been inactive since 1992, a fact reported by Rob Eno the other day. So where did I get the idea that Warren was "not eligible"?  In my original post, I didn't include a screen shot of Warren's entry, just a link to the Texas Bar page which now says "inactive". But I did take a screen shot prior to my first post, I just didn't include it in the post.  Here is the screen shot taken on September 21 showing that Warren was listed as "Not Eligible To Practice In Texas": I did not take a screen shot of the "click for detail" link on this page, unfortunately.

But here's what the same page looks like now using the same link:

In the time period since my first post appeared, Warren's status on the Texas Bar page changed.  And address information has been removed.

In response to the New York City subway attacks by Mona Eltahawy, the Egyptian-American activist, the Metropolitan Transit Authority has now determined that it will change its rules to prohibit any ads that it "reasonably foresees would imminently incite or provoke violence or other immediate...

Every time some prudish librarian or school board wants to ban books that they consider inappropriate for children, elites sniff at the rubes’ lack of sophistication and anti-intellectual bias.  As you’ll recall, during the 2008 election it became a big campaign issue that as mayor...

Things you may have missed: Harvard Freshman Patronized by “Sensitivity Training” NYU Professors To Students – No laptop in class for you A Biochemist’s Argument Against  “Hooking-Up” Hugging is Out of Bounds at UNC? California Fires State’s “Professional Students” With a dash of irresponsibility thrown in: One Third of American Colleges are...

I'm not sure this qualifies for the "Ever" award (I'm still partial to this), but it is a fantastic commercial. Fantastic. Fantastic, and I almost put another word before that. The Murphy response? To criticize West's military record involving the now famous incident when he zealously interrogated a hostile. Good...

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