That’s the title of a post by Law Professor Stephen Bainbridge about Economics Professor Brad DeLong, of U.Cal Berkeley, in which Bainbridge collects links about DeLong from a variety of academic bloggers who have had the misfortune of having to deal with DeLong.

I really don’t know much about DeLong, except that everytime I read about him someone is pointing out what an offensive person he is.

So I guess I should be flattered that DeLong has written a blog post entitled “Cornell University Has Some Explaining To Do: Why Oh Why Can’t We Have Better Academics?/William Jacobson Edition.”

Prof. Bainbridge ended his post with this wish about Prof. DeLong:

“With luck, this’ll be the last time his toxic style of intellectual thuggery and execrable personality will be mentioned in these pages.”

Me too.  Except somehow, I doubt it.

(By the way, other than the invective, the DeLong post consists mostly of regurgitating a piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates, which I refute here.)

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