It’s very difficult in Ithaca or Rhode Island to get a sense of how the presidential contest is playing out.

Because both New York and Rhode Island are sure winners for Obama, there is virtually no advertising on television in these markets for the presidential race.  In Ithaca, which draws on the Syracuse and Binghamton television stations, there are plenty of ads for Republican congressional candidates, and few for Democrats; so at least that is good to see.

If all you heard were the local news stations, which regurgitate the national broadcast networks, you’d think Romney wasn’t even running in the race, except when he does something supposedly wrong.  And polls writing Romney’s chances off are recited in 1-3 sentences, and then on to local news.

Let’s face it, if you get alot of your news from Memeorandum or similar internet news aggregators, you’d get the same feeling.  My home page is Google News, and the front page stories linked almost always are from the mainstream media and are negative to Romney’s chances or portraying him in a bad light.

One has the sense sitting here that there isn’t even a campaign, much less a contest.

But this is a bubble.  Can it be that in swing states the Romney campaign and supporting SuperPACs are as silent as it seems?

The mainstream media in many ways is in the same bubble I am in, located in deep blue cities and states which are not really contested, so they impart the same feeling I get in Ithaca.

I welcome feedback from readers.