I posted the other day the video of someone in the Warren campaign group assaulting a videographer.

The Warren campaign said he was just a cab driver who had no connection to the campaign.  It then turned out that a photograph was found by Patrick Howley of The Washington Free Beacon on the cabbie’s Facebook page of the driver in a different location in mid-July with Warren and her husband.

The Warren campaign’s attempt to distance itself from the driver clearly did not fly.

Now it’s even worse.

As reflected in the videos below, this was not just some cab driver called to the location to pick Warren up.  He was serving as Warren’s driver for the day according to the press reports.  Clearly from the prior photo, he had served in that or a similar capacity for Warren and her husband in the past.

While the cabbie may not have been on the campaign staff, he clearly was not just some random person who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now the cabbie has lawyered up, using a politically connected Democratic lawyer.

Through the lawyer, the cabbie claims that he acted as he did in order to protect his 4-year old daughter who was in the back of the car when Warren entered the car in the video.  If the cabbie was serving as driver for the day, are we to believe that the Warren campaign was traveling around with a 4-year old in the car to a campaign event?  None of this was disclosed or part of the Warren campaign’s explanation at the time.

The cabbie also is claiming that the videographer attempted to shoot inside the vehicle, and that the videographer initiated physical contact.

The video shows otherwise.  The videographer was a distance from the open door and the cabbie was the one who initiated contact.

The cabbie, through his lawyer, also says he was not “friends” with Warren and that he posted her photo on his Facebook page because he frequently has his photo taken with celebrities. Since he has taken down his Facebook page, there’s no way now to verify how many, if any, other celebrity photos he posted.

Nothing ever moves in a straight line with the Warren campaign.  Clearly Warren knew the cabbie, he was used in a quasi campaign role as a driver for the day, and the story about the child in the back seat was not a story told by the Warren campaign at the time.

Update:  Scott Brown asks to Vineyard selectmen not to revoke license of cabbie in video scuffle.  Good summary from Patrick Howley, who first broke the connection, Scott Brown to the Rescue.