Can the Warren campaign be upfront about anything?

Yesterday a video was released of a man assaulting a videographer filming Warren.

Warren was just feet away from the assault as was her staff, and did nothing at the time.  The Warren campaign distanced itself from the man, saying he was a mere cab driver.

The Boston Globe bought into it without question, with a headline which covered for Warren, GOP tracker pushed while filming Elizabeth Warren; campaign blames cabdriver:

Republicans reacted angrily today after a video tracker was apparently pushed, threatened, and had his camera knocked down while shooting video of Democratic US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.

The Warren campaign said the man involved was a private cabdriver, unaffiliated with the campaign….

The Warren campaign, which is challenging Republican US Senator Scott Brown, responded with a statement from spokeswoman Julie Edwards.

“The person featured in the video was not a member of the Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts staff,” she said. “He is a cab driver. Elizabeth did not see what happened. The photographer has a right to film in public locations, and the campaign had allowed him to film the entirety of Elizabeth’s event. The confrontation was wrong.”

Just a cab driver?

Not so.  Patrick Howley at The Washington Free Beacon has uncovered evidence through Facebook and other sources that the cab driver, Morgan Reitzas, was friendly with Warren and her husband.  Here is a photo from Facebook of Warren, her husband Bruce Mann, and the random “cab driver.”

Howley has much more.

How friendly were the Warrens with this “cab driver”?  It’s hard to say.

But what is clear is that the Warren campaign deliberately sought to mislead the public about her connection to this cab driver.  The Warren campaign made it seem like they called for a cab, this guy just happened to pick her up, and a fight just happened.

Now it all makes sense, the cab driver viewed himself as Warren’s protector because of their connection.  Yesterday I said the Warren campaign’s explanation didn’t smell right:

Are we to believe this driver just decided out of the clear blue to take it on himself to go after a cameraman?

Now I know it stinks, just like the obfuscation and misleading statements regarding Warren’s supposed Cherokee ancestry and “family lore.”

Not only did Elizabeth Warren throw the Cherokees aside when she no longer needed them, she just threw her friend the cab driver under the bus.