Hey, you know who is to blame for Elizabeth Warren’s false claim to be Cherokee?

Definitely not Elizabeth Warren if you are a defender of Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts.  No, this is far deeper and vaster than Elizabeth Warren, it goes well into the world of “right wing extremists” according to Warren’s press secretary.

And now, according to the left-wing Boston Phoenix, there’s a vast right wing conspiracy, Massachusetts voters are about to get an up-close look at the right-wing smear machine:

Massachusetts races have rarely drawn the full attention  of what I have previously dubbed the movement-conservative marketplace, so  people here have mostly witnessed its ugliness from a distance, if they’ve  noticed at all

But the intense interest on the right for the  re-election of Brown — and the mocking demonization of Warren — ensures that  plenty of money will be spent attacking her, while conservative consumers lap it  up. One major site, Michelle Malkin’s hotair.com, ran 27 posts about Warren in  May alone.

Once they’ve zeroed in on an enemy, as they have with  Warren, the appetite of these national dirt-diggers is insatiable. And nobody  here in the state is doing anything but encouraging them…

As for the right-wing smear machinery, they will keep  churning out material, which will seep into the state through the blogosphere,  direct mail (which is not included in the Warren-Brown “People’s Pledge” against  third-party campaign spending), and radio. That’s what they do — as  Massachusetts is about to learn all too well.

First of all, Michelle Malkin doesn’t own Hot Air anymore — you need to catch up on Who’s Who in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Second of all, give the conspiracy some credit for electing Brown in the first place — we are the ones who made Martha Coakley refuse to shake hands with fans outside Fenway, who told Coakley to take Christmas off, and who slipped the question to David Gergen to ask about the Kennedy seat at the debate.

Yeah, that’s how good we are when we want to be.

And we want to be really good in the Brown-Warren race.

We’ve been planning this since the mid-1980s, when we told Warren to list herself as Native American for the law faculty directory so she could make it to the list of “Minority Law Teachers”; we submitted the plagiarized phony Cherokee recipes to Pow Wow Chow and put Warren’s name on them; we convinced Warren to report herself as Native American to Penn and Harvard Law; we convinced the Harvard Women’s Law Journal to list Warren as a Woman of Color in Legal Academia; we told Harvard to promote Warren as a Native American hire.

Yeah, we were there when it mattered, and we also told Warren to pretend she didn’t know about any of those things and to pin the blame on her Aunt Bea for telling stories about high cheekbones.

I told you, when we’re good, we’re really good.

And we will get better before it’s done.


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