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Dear Indiana: It’s time

Dear Indiana: It’s time

“It’s time” has been Richard Mourdock’s campaign theme.  “It’s time” captured beautifully why it’s time to retire Dick Lugar:  Too long in office, too long in Washington, D.C., too long considering himself to be the office he holds, too willing to go along to get along, too willing to act as cheerleader for Obama, too much wishful thinking on Iran.

The way in which Lugar has run his campaign, particularly in the past two weeks, confirms that “it’s time.”

From the archives:

It’s time.

Updates:  Jim Geraghty points out that Joe Donnelly is a weak candidate, so If Mourdock Wins, Be Skeptical of the Democratic Spin. [link fixed]

And, via Politico, Dick Lugar plea for Dems, independents:

Lugar told CNN’s “Starting Point” on Tuesday that he believes he will emerge  as the winner after polls close, but he pushed for voters outside his party to  cast ballots on his behalf in the Republican primary.

“I believe in fact we’re going to win the campaign. As a matter  of fact, we’ve invited everybody in the state of Indiana who is a registered  voter to vote for me today,” he said.

Lugar said later in the interview he wanted to “emphasize” he was inviting  every single voter in Indiana to support his candidacy, no matter their  party.

“Those of us who are Republicans have to make certain that we enlarge our  party, that we have persons who may have been independent in the past who are  going to be independent Republicans or independents generally who are going to  favor our party. Because our party, at least in Indiana, is only about 35  percent of the electorate. In order for anybody to get majority, they’re going  to have a lot of other people,” he said.

“So I’m appealing to all of the people of Indiana — I emphasize all — to ask  for a Republican ballot today and to vote for me,” Lugar added.


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Ragspierre | May 8, 2012 at 9:45 am

I guess Lugar has made the calculation that…if you are going to be a pariah, and utterly sell out…

you might as well do it from a seat in the Senate.

There is something distinctly “ancient Rome” about this.

More harrowing insights into Lugar: his support of Law of the Seas Treaty (LOST) that sells out U.S. sovereignty to UN.

Also, the NRA is hitting him hard. “To put this in perspective [NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris] Cox said, “Senator Harry Reid actually has a better record of protecting the Second Amendment than Senator Lugar.”

I don’t understand why the Republicans continue to allow their opponents to select their candidates for them!

“Open” primaries need to be dumped — in Indiana, in Wisconsin, and in many other states.

The general election should not be a race between the Greater Democrat, the Lesser Democrat (RINO).

    persecutor in reply to donb. | May 8, 2012 at 11:25 am

    The GOP does a lot of things that I can’t figure out. One thing that especially galls me is when they concede an election like they did in ’96 or ’08 by running someone “whose turn it was”, rather than actively run a candidate who could win.
    I guess when you’ve gotten accustomed to crumbs, you don’t take risks to win the whole loaf.

I agree that Open primaries need to be dumped.

For Republican candidates to ask for Dems to vote is just ludacrist.

Although I don’t live in Indiana, I’m pulling for Mr. Mourdock to win. It will be a beautiful victory for the Tea Party and conservatism.

Thank you, Professor, for keeping us posted.

I believe that Lugar is also one of the point men with regard to the UN’ proposed “Law of the Sea” treaty.

If true, he has turned his back on our most cherished rights as a sovereign nation.

Yes, it is time to turn him out…