I’ve been traveling without a computer this weekend but this story at IndyStar is worth a PDA post, so excuse some formatting issues like no embedded links.

The inclination I’ve had to feel sorry for Dick Lugar that his career may reach an inglorious end is rapidly dissipating. Lugar demonstrates daily why it is time to defeat him.

Lugar still refuses to say he will support Mourdock, still seeks to have non-Republicans decide the Republican primary, and feeds the left-wing narrative that the Tea Party just shouts.

Lugar is insulting and arrogant.


Endorsement? Maybe not.

Sen. Richard Lugar is refusing to commit to endorsing his challenger, Treasurer Richard Mourdock, if Mourdock wins Tuesday’s primary election. Lugar, who is seeking a seventh term in the Senate, said he wasn’t going to contemplate. that any such endorsement would be needed. “I’m not going to discuss not winning on Tuesday,” Lugar said. “I’m going to win on Tuesday, and that’s my answer.”

But it would be hard for Lugar to put much sincerity into an endorsement, given that he’s called Mourdock unqualified to be effective in the Senate. Lugar, who has been attacked for having what he calls “the temerity actually to talk to Democrats,” said Mourdock has a “my way or the highway” attitude. “Anyone coming in to the Congress as a new senator with that point of view will be totally ineffective,” Lugar said. “You may have a great deal of satisfaction, shouting, carrying on, doing whatever you’re doing, but in terms of representation of this state or the moving of any policy with regard to this country, your effect will be zero.”

Voters, he said, “ought to understand that.” Mourdock’s campaign is using that refusal, along with Lugar’s appeal to independents and Democrats who back him, as just one more reason why Republicans should back him. “Dick Lugar’s voting record is worrisome enough, but now his outright solicitation of Democrats to support him in a Republican primary and his continued attacks on Treasurer Mourdock’s character suggests that he is unwilling to unconditionally support the Republican ticket in November,” said Mourdock spokesman Chris Conner. “Senator Lugar’s liberal voting record makes him look like a Democrat, and now his wordsware confirming it.

Lugar doesn’t get it.  He’s not being challenged because he spoke to Democrats. He’s being challenged because he has been co-opted by power.

Good riddance.


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