This is sad, via IndyStar:

“Every person in Indiana who wants me to continue, every person wherever they might be at this point, I encourage them to come out,” he said. “Come out immediately, as fast as you can.” …

“I believe that right now if a majority of Hoosiers were to vote in an election, that is all Hoosiers regardless of party — Republicans, Democrats, independents, I would win,” Lugar said. “I want everybody in the state to vote for me on Tuesday. Everybody. I’m not asking anybody to cross over. I’m just saying positively ‘register your vote, because if you do not I may not be able to continue serving you. At this point, help.” …

Lugar, at his news conference, repeated his charge that Mourdock is not qualified to step in to the Senate and be an effective voice for Hoosiers, in part because of his inexperience and in part because of his refusal to work across the aisle.

Lugar could show he is the statesman he claims to be.  I don’t expect him to give up, but at this point he should stop his scorched earth attacks and he should stop humiliating himself.

Update: This is really bad, as reported by AP:

Lugar told reporters he is best suited to represent Jewish and female Hoosiers along with ethnic minorities.