I think the Richard Mourdock campaign finally has hit on a theme which needs repeating.

Richard Lugar is running a desperate campaign, trying to distract from his record and to conjure up bizarre claims against Mourdock, such as the “Confederate Tie,” and false and misleading claims about Mourdock’s record.

Bringing out Mitch Daniels mockingly has been portrayed in a political cartoon at IndyStar with an image of Lugar’s car broken down seeking a jump start.

Via CNN:

Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s campaign released a new radio ad Monday, hammering six-term incumbent Sen. Dick Lugar of Indiana and adding to the thickening tension between the two candidates in the final two weeks of the primary race.

The 60-second spot directly takes on recent Lugar attacks ads that target Mourdock as a tax fraud, highlighting the ads as “misleading,” “an exaggeration” and ” straining the facts.”

“Have you seen those attack ads from Dick Lugar against Richard Mourdock?” the ad’s narrator says. “Dick Lugar is so desperate to stay in Washington that he’s resorting to false negative attacks.”

This ad running on radio in Indiana hits the nail on the head:  Click Here