Ann Coulter’s Romney-promoting long ago went far beyond Romney promoting, into cheap shots against the Tea Party movement and just about anyone who was not on Team Romney.  Much like the caustic Jennifer Rubin, insulting the people Romney will need to unite behind him seems to be Coulter’s schtick.

My prior posts from this campaign season:

Coulter is at it again, with gratuitous attacks on Sarah Palin.  Michelle Malkin correctly assesses the situation, Ann Coulter’s “novelty candidate” swipe at Sarah Palin:

Here’s my translation of Coulter-speak:

“Novelty candidate” is her code for a GOP candidate with widespread, grass-roots conservative support who doesn’t make large portions of the rank-and-file Right queasy with doubt.

That was who Sarah Palin represented on the liberal Republican John McCain ticket.

“Novelty candidate” means an outside-the-Beltway, outside-the-establishment public servant who speaks from the heart, lives political and personal life on her own terms, and embodies all that Coulter’s best Hollywood friends like misogynist Bill Maher hate.

Sometimes, the war on conservative women isn’t just being waged by the Left.

This is a form of political fragging. Shame.

Fragging right.


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