Who would have expected it.  Ann Coulter in her endorsement of Mitt Romney gave a very misleading account of Rick Santorum’s immigration record, asserting that he voted against E-Verify.

Ann’s a lawyer, so she knows that omitting material facts can be just as much a fraud as stating false facts.  And Ann omitted from her narrative the fact that the rejection of E-Verify was not a stand alone, it was a rejection of the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill.

Good for Santorum for calling her out:

Arguing on behalf of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in her syndicated column Wednesday, Coulter portrayed Santorum as soft on illegal immigration, citing his vote against the so-called “E-Verify” measure to provide automatic electronic verification of workers’ immigration status. But Santorum said that he voted against “E-Verify” in 2006 because it was part of a measure sponsored by John McCain and Ted Kennedy that would have provided amnesty to illegals.

Asked after the speech about his criticism of Coulter, Santorum replied: “Why would Ann Coulter criticize me for voting against the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill? I mean, Ann, should I have voted for amnesty? Should I have voted for comprehensive immigration reform? Because if that’s what you’re saying, then, doesn’t sound like you’re the real conservative here. I think when Jim DeMint and every conservative in the United States Senate voted against the McCain-Kennedy bill — yes, we voted against E-Verify, but we voted against a pretty bad bill that I think, at least you said you were against.”

Ann Coulter is willing to say anything to elect Romney.  Her attack on Santorum is just a small taste of what she has said about Newt and Tea Party supporters.

It’s sad to have to admit that so much of what the left-wing said about Coulter is true, it just didn’t seem so bad when it was pointed in the other direction.  But as they say, what goes around ….

And it has come around to bite conservatives.

Update:  It gets worse. Thanks to reader JohnJ2427 for the link to Coulter’s 2006 column arguing against the immigration bill she now criticizes Santorum for not supporting, Read My Lips, No New Amnesty.


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