“Bombastic” is Ann Coulter’s favorite new word in attacking Newt Gingrich.  (irony noted)

Coulter was on O’Reilly last night lambasting Newt as “bombastic” with no policy accomplishments.

Mark Levin, no supporter of Newt, has come to his defense, much as Andrew McCarthy dissented from National Review’s hit job on Newt.

The full audio is at Right Scoop.  It is a must listen-to, and reflects what I hope will be a growing backlash (emphasis mine):

[Coulter] won’t even give the man credit for what he has achieved! Taking back the House from 44 years of Democrat monopoly was never thought possible and in doing so he had to defeat the Republican establishment! You can’t even give him that?

No they can’t, because they have a hate-on. They have a hate-on. …

Do you know why I resent this? Because now we have a bunch of bullies running around. And Giuliani was 100% right. They’re trying to turn this guy into a crazy man.

And I resent it and I resist it! He’s not even my guy and I resent it and I resist it!

Coulter, who told us just 11 months ago that Romney was certain to lose to Obama, has become the face of the anti-Newt strategy of crazy, at least on Fox News.

Now Coulter has turned on the Tea Party as well, claiming that supporters of the Tea Party movement do not support Romney because they want someone not just to go birther on Obama, but to do so bombastically (h/t HotAir):

Pemmaraju pressed Coulter on Romney’s conservatism, adding that the Tea Party has resisted him strongly, an indication he may not be as conservative as she thinks. Coulter replied that the Tea Party was “wrong about this” because “they’re looking at who is going to go around bombastically demanding to see Obama’s birth certificate or calling him a Kenyan,” instead of substance. She added that “Rick Santorum and [Rick] Perry are very bad on illegal immigration” despite being considered more conservative.

Like Glenn Beck, Coulter is playing the race card on Tea Party supporters, and not just those who support Newt.

Some in the conservative media who support Romney are becoming his worst enemies, and destroying their own credibility in the process.  When Ann Coulter calls Tea Party members birthers for not supporting Romney, the end is near.

Listen to audio starting at 4:00 mark: