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Case u missed it this wkend

Case u missed it this wkend

I really need to stop using Twitter.


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Here is a perfect example of our fiscal problems (never mind that the speaker is a Democrat):

“This budget is a nervous breakdown on paper,” said Cleaver during an interview on CNN’s Starting Point Monday morning. “We’re still in a recession, we’re still struggling. Unemployment is still too high,” he said.
The Missouri lawmaker said he understood the need for Congress to rein in spending. “We do have a serious ailment as a nation and certainly as Congress,” he said. “We suffer from ‘spendicitis.’” But Cleaver said the president was not “the one who spread this disease” and had inherited those problems when he came to office.
While he praised Obama for attempting to tackle challenging fiscal issues, Cleaver feared GOP pressure “for the federal government to turn the spigot off completely” could push the nation “deeper” into economic turmoil.

Now find the stereotypical BS:
1) understands it is a serious ailment
2) denial that it is their problem
3) well OK, inheritied it, so should do nothing to fix it short term.
4) present situation demands more
These are classic symptoms of addiction.

Obama’s Attack Watch returns as … “Truth Team”

The new site incorporates the AttackWatch brand, which was met by ridicule from the GOP when it was announced last year, and encourages Obama supporters to “report” attacks from Republicans.

Kathleen Falk, the former Dane County executive, was endorsed by Wisconsin Education Association Council bosses on Wednesday, with one condition: Uphold a promise to veto the budget reforms instituted by Gov. Scott Walker.

Hours after the endorsement, a petition on was created to demand that the union rescind its endorsement of the former chief executive of the second largest county government in Wisconsin. Rank-and-file members were upset with WEAC endorsing a unproven candidate for statewide office that lost two times.