Mitt won the Maine caucuses, Mitt won the Maine caucuses! 39-36 over Ron Paul, with about 5000 people voting!  Not for Mitt, in total.

He also won the CPAC straw poll.  Just like Michele Bachmann won the straw poll in Iowa.  And Herman Cain in Florida.  And just like Mitt did in 2008 at CPAC, when he lost the nomination.

Santorum is done, the surge didn’t last.  Somewhere a tear is falling on a sweater vest.

Of course not, at least not in a rational world.  But we don’t need no stinkin’ rational when we got momentumitis.

And what’s better, we have minimalistic momentumitis, in which relatively tiny numbers of voters are determining who has the Big Mo:

In Colorado, Minnesota and especially Nevada, turnout plunged from four years  ago — in fact, fewer people in each state voted than the 68,000 who attended  last week’s Super Bowl.

In more inspiring news, Sarah Palin gave the keynote speech at CPAC.  It speaks for itself.


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