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Will we let them take this guy down?

Will we let them take this guy down?

There is nothing more important we can do between now and the November election than to help Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defeat the recall effort.

Don’t let the thugs, Godwins, and head cases win.  Help Wisconsin and the nation end this long, strange trip.

Links to how to help at the Focus Page.


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He’ll be getting money from Texas.

Have already sent him several contributions and will send more.

listingstarboard | February 11, 2012 at 11:06 am

More money from the MidAtlantic heading his way. Walker is the epitome of Conservative Patriot–we must support him! I wish I could take back my donation to the “other Scott” in Mass.

He must LIN!

Many are there in spirit. I hear Wisconsin is where the labor movement began. That’s where it needs to end. Walker getting lots of donations. Lots of petition fraud too-no surprise.

I belong to a public employee union. Such a thing should not exist. But it does … and we should have to negotiate our contracts with the taxpayers. My coworkers think I’m nuts when I tell them we have it waaaaay too good.

    Hope Change in reply to LukeHandCool. | February 11, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Courageous of you, LukeHandCool.

    In Wisconsin, the public employees unions, in particular the Teachers Unions, took the dues, which were taken out BY THE STATE for them, whether the employee joined the union or not (or maybe teachers were forced to “join” the union; IDK) —

    the Teachers Unions took the dues money and used it to “support” politicians who would give the unions what they unions wanted.

    The local school boards, if they objected to any part of the WORK RULES or the HEALTH CARE COSTING 2X what other health care providers were charging, or anything at all, —

    the local school boards, the principal, the municipality, whatever, would be targeted by the union. The union would threaten them.

    Scott Walker had been country exec of Milwaukee County before being elected governor, and had heard the pleas of the local municipalities for years. The unions were sending the municipalities in to penury but the cycle continued.

    The sick leave and retirement work rules for prison guards, bus drivers and others were being manipulated by the union members to give themselves lifelong pensions of twice or more than they actually earned in a typical year. Absolutely unsustainable amounts of future obligation were being created that the State could not hope to pay.

    Scott Walker has saved Wisconsin. When Walker was elected, the previous governor, a DEMOCRAT, had emptied every savings account Wisconsin had, and spent one-time dollars from the federal government (borrowed from China, no doubt) on operating expenses and left Wisconsin unable to pay its bills, including millions for a reciprocity agreement for in-state tuition with Minnesota.

    If Walker hadn’t acted, as many as 6,000 teachers would have been laid off.
    As it is, no one has lost their job.

    Wisconsin has added 20,000 jobs, according to what I recently read.

    Wisconsin is coming back better than ever.

    Scott Walker and the Republicans in the state legislature have stood up to intense pressure, hatred, vilification and even threats of death and other violence from the unions and the Left and the university types and the MSM (but I repeat myself).

    The national unions poured millions into Wisconsin yet have gained no ground as of yet. This is an armageddon moment for the unions and the Left.

    The Unions think they run Wisconsin. THE UNIONS ARE WRONG.

    Scott Walker’s reforms is HELPING good teachers, who were stymied and held down by the terrible system of control by the unions. Good teachers now can be rewarded and allowed to be creative and really teach. Principals can finally get rid of the truly BAD teachers. Local school districts can actually try to improve their schools again. Parents can actually get involved again.

    The unions do not care about the teachers or the children. If you haven’t seen the film, “THE CARTEL” yet, see it. “THE CARTEL” is about New Jersey, but the pattern is the same.

    We must do this to save our children from these god-awful schools that the UNIONS have spoiled.

    And we must do this to save Wisconsin from being controlled by unions that have become dangerous parasites on the body politic.

    Scott Walker and thousands upon thousands of people in Wisconsin are showing enormous courage in the face of threats of violence, boycotting and “we’ll destroy your business, my pretty” from union thugs. And thugs is the right word.

    This is do or die. The unions do NOT RUN WISCONSIN. THE PEOPLE DO.

    Thank you, Professor and everyone, for your support for Wisconsin. Thank you very much. Wisconsin is leading on this. God bless Wisconsin.

The integrity of authoritarian interests cannot be tied with fiscal incentives. Also, it must be in their best interest to preserve the stability of our currency and economy. They should receive no compensation for policies which motivate progressive deterioration in either concern. If they fail in this task then they should suffer equally with the citizens they serve and should be summarily removed from their positions.

We must reject dreams of instant gratification, principally through redistributive and retributive change, but also through fraudulent and opportunistic exploitation. We certainly cannot afford to suffer the progressive corruption of authoritarian interests that they engender.

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