The Red Carpet Blogger Awards event was held at CPAC this morning.  I am very pleased to announced that Legal Insurrection received the award for the Most Underrated Blog.

I guess that is fitting, and I appreciate recognition that we have not yet been sufficiently recognized in the blogosphere for what we do.

Bryan Jacoutot, who was at CPAC, accepted the award for LI.  I’ll try to post photos and/or video when available.  The event was sponsored by and John Hawkins of Right Wing News.

Here is the list of winners, as written down by Bryan:

CPAC Red Carpet Bloggers Awards

1. Top Humor Blog – Iowahawk Blog

2. Best Writer on a Blog – Ace of Spades

3. Best News Blog:  The Right Scoop

4. Best Blog Links:  Instapundit

5. Best New Blog:  Naked DC

6. Best anti-Jihad Blog:  Atlas Shrugged

7. Best State-Level Blog:  The Shark Tank

8. Most Influential Blog:  Instapundit/Glenn Reynolds

9. Most Underrated Blog:  Legal Insurrection

10. Tea Party Blogger of the Year:  Gateway Pundit

11. Best Overall Blog: Hot Air


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