Mitt Romney made a statement yesterday about “firing” people who provide him with services which has been taken out of context.  He was talking about health insurance companies, and made the point that he likes to be able to make choices.

I was aware that Rick Perry’s campaign was seeking to take advantage of it, including issuing a phone ringtone.  I had not heard Newt seeking to take advantage of it.

So I was surprised to hear an anchor on Fox News (Martha Maccallum) about 30 minutes ago say that Newt was seeking to take advantage of Romney’s statement.

Thankfully I rely more and more on Twitter, because a few minutes ago I saw a link to this video of Newt on Fox News earlier in the morning in which Newt agreed that Romney has been taken out of context:

The Fox News anchor was not aware of what had taken place earlier in the morning on Fox News.  But someone I follow on Twitter was aware.

If you are not on Twitter, you need to be.

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