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A weary public is increasingly tuning out the liberal news media, according to new analysis. It's easy to understand why. It's also important to note that one cable network is bucking this trend. You can probably guess which one.

When it comes to basic cable, FOX News is still king. In the month of April, FOX News not only beat the other cable news networks, they beat everyone, and the big winner the month was 'The Five.' When it comes to cable news, MSNBC came in second, which is another embarrassment for CNN which just saw its new streaming service collapse after just one month.

If you have watched any amount of CNN over the last several years, you know that one of their favorite topics to cover is FOX News. You really get a sense that their media reporter Brian Stelter spends his entire day watching FOX News only to report about it on his network. It has actually become a joke on the right. CNN. The first word on what's happening on FOX News.