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Wake Up Tweet of the Day

Wake Up Tweet of the Day

#OccupyWallStreet is organized agitprop designed to deflect attention from the Obama administration’s failings onto “Wall Street,”  although many of the participants don’t understand how they are being used.  The Washington Post now is fully aboard Team Obama, doing its best to take down Rick Perry this week, next week someone else.  AxelPlouffe messaging is all class warfare all the time, and will be for the next 13 months.

And what are we doing?  Silly antics like day-long sniping at others who are on our side.

Get motivated:


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What, exactly, are we supposed to do?

    windbag in reply to Crawford. | October 3, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    Excellent question. Are we to stoop to the level of the children whining at Wall Street? Are we to stoop to the level of the childish antics of Wisconsin from earlier this year? In years past, Operation Rescue never went as far as the anti-Walker faction did this summer, yet they are portrayed as a fringe element, while protesters’ storming of the capitol building is celebrated as a picture of democracy in action. What, exactly, are we supposed to do indeed.

    gasper in reply to Crawford. | October 3, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    I wrote Cain’s headquarters asking that they stop taking the bait from the MSM. The media is either exagerrating or lying, most likely the latter. I reminded them that Obama is our opponent, not the other GOP candidates.The MSM must feel extremely gratified when it succeeds with this deceit.

    wrangler64 in reply to Crawford. | October 3, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    Simple. Vote. Everything else is gravy.

I wouldn’t worry to much about these “Occupy Wall Streeters”. I was on’s /b/ board (a place not for those easily offended), which is where many of the original protesters started to talk about doing this, and somebody posted “why isn’t the media paying more attention to the protest”. Nearly every responding post was along the lines of “get a job”, “stop whining”, and “because no one likes hearing white kids whine about student loans”.

When you’re protesting the corporations, and you’ve lost the support of the /b/ board, there’s very little left for you.

I spent a couple of years protesting these Leftist Proggs (2002-2007) beginning with Protest Warriors however too many Americans bought the War Lie.

I have feeling that too many Americans are going to buy the Class Warfare Lie-just because they’re too lazy to change the Hollywood Jon Stewart TV channel. Sometimes in life people get stuck-on-Hollywood-entertaining- stupid and never leave their comfy barcaloungers.

Breitbart is right though Republican Eunuchs are losers.

All the left has is hate. They don’t have any other weapons. All we have to do is point that out.

Crawford question needs to be answered… or there is no point in posting something like this. Who is gong to supply us with the game plan, road map, strategy, tactical maneuver, etc. for countering the Left’s propaganda machine? What are indie and non-Tea Party activists suppose to do?

    William A. Jacobson in reply to Aucturian. | October 3, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    Get active in local Tea Party or Republican groups; write letters/comments in your local paper; support candidates with money and time; spread links to blogs and blog posts you like on Facebook, Twitter, via e-mail; develop your own networks, doesn’t have to cost anything; the possibilities are endless, you don’t have to do everything as long as you do something.

William A. Jacobson | October 3, 2011 at 5:19 pm

And I going to have to give a Bluto-like pep talk here? It’s not over, it’s not over until we say it’s over. You can’t solve all the problems, but take this as a wake up call to get active.

Read this article at Pajamas Media. It is very inspirational!

My husband started a conservative blog.

I send my liberal family members and friends conservative articles all the time – they probably toss them but just in case.

I recommend good blog post or articles on Facebook.

Not doing much but it’s a start and completely free.

    This is great. Is he networking yet? Check out the blog rolls on conservative sites you like and add them to your blog if you like them. That’s a great way to find new conservatives who aren’t as well known as our beloved Professor Jacobson. Ditto FB and Twitter. Join Freedomworks or some other conservative or TEA Party group, either online or in your community. If there isn’t one, start one.

    Look into getting on your local school board or any local office. Wear a flag pin. Or a cross if you’re Christian. If there’s anything the left hates (and I live in MA, so I know, heh) it’s seeing someone wearing a cross and / or a flag pin. Reach out in your community, start having cookouts, or I guess in much of the country it’s getting cooler, so maybe movie nights where you get together to watch a patriotic movie and chat about how we’ll mobilize for 2012.

    There are a bazillion things we can do, from the small to the not-so-small, but all are rooted in our patriotism and principles, our American spirit. We need to get that back, and it won’t happen on its own. We have to do it. Heck, if you can sing and have friends who sing, why not go to the park and sing the National Anthem or My Country Tis of Thee or America the Beautiful? (Make sure you don’t need a license, of course)

Here is something we can all do:
Starting tomorrow, let’s rattle the establishment by getting this message out:
Run, Sarah, Run.
Blog it, Tweet it, Facebook it, write it on your car in dust.
Spread the word.

! Emphatically.
None of the Republican candidates is going to get “Favorable Treatment” – they will all be “Palinized”.

I watched a “Fox News Sunday” that included a Cain Interview with the same Chris Wallace who brushed off Cain weeks ago as a “Not a Serious Contender”.
As a separate “Sound byte” Cain came out hard against the
Obama/Media/DNC racist line, but it was not contiguous.

On the same day Georgia executed the observed Cop Executioner, Texas executed the killer of the black man in East Texas that was exploited against Bush.

Christiana Amanpour interviewed Cain on ABC and that interview drew the publicity.

Joan Of Argghh | October 3, 2011 at 10:15 pm

Things to do:

1. Identify the power source and siphon its fuel.

You think politicians get power from people like you and me and our money? They do not. They get power from the Media, pure and simple. Without the Media, political hacks are NOTHING.

Why we are not picketing every podunk TV station, newspaper, media studio, etc. with pitchforks and torches is beyond me. They will NEVER do what we hope they will do: be objective. They will NEVER notice what they don’t have to notice. They have the agenda and the money to put it forth. They cloak behind a false premise of neutrality. And except for here on the Intartubes, you’d be surprised how few people even think about where their news comes from.

OUTside, into the den of the lying jackals. Not here, in front of our computer screens.

I’ll tell you how to fix the MSM for good. Let this upcoming presidential election be the first where conservative candidates, when taking questions from the MSM, openly recognize the as liberal. For example:

CNBC reporter: So tell me Mr. Conservative Candidate, how can you represent a party that is openly hostile to minorities?

Conservative Candidate: Thank you Mr. Reporter from the liberal CNBC. Since you represent the liberal public, I think it should be incumbent upon you to teach the conservative point of view to your liberal audience so they would then at least understand the conservative philosophy in order to better be able to counter it with intelligent, direct arguments. Now, I have to say, your audience knows practically nothing about our points and–frankly–sound quite ignorant to us when attempting to grasp what we’re saying, which is reflected in your question.

And then go on to explain that the best way to support minorities is to make them financially successful. And the way to do that is not by relying on government handouts until a dream job is landed, but to start from the bottom–knowing that if you work hard–better and better jobs will follow. Etc., etc., etc.

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If this “Liberal Spring” is anything like the Arab Springs in the Middle East, we are in trouble.

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Joan Of Argghh | October 4, 2011 at 8:23 am

You know why Sarah Palin is the smartest of the lot of potential candidates? Because she has cut off the fuel supply to the source of corrupted media power. The woman understands power, where it comes from and how to source it and how to deny it the precious fuel it craves.

Almost every.single.candidate so far has kowtowed to the Premise put forth by a pernicious Media. I can’t watch the effin’ debates for screaming at each and every one of them as they accept the premise of a stupid format, stupid question, a straw man, or a setup. They are too stupid to live, much less survive in the barren waste of the Media Hive. Only Newt has challenged the Premise, but he’s too late to the Conservative party altar for anyone to believe he’s about anyone but himself.

Dear Candidate: if you don’t have the stones of Maggie Thatcher, who never had a problem telling the Media when they were being idiots, then you may not have my vote. Deal with it. Them or us. You court the Media favor, you lose my vote. (And no, Ron Paul. Just. . . no.)