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“Jeremiah Wright is back on the table” Tweet of the Day

“Jeremiah Wright is back on the table” Tweet of the Day

Not long ago The Washington Post was digging up rocks from 30 years ago to find dirt about Rick Perry.

Now WaPo is digging up immigration papers from 50 years ago about Marco Rubio’s parents, Marco Rubio’s compelling family story embellishes facts, documents show.  The gist of WaPo’s dramatic claim is that Rubio’s family did not leave Cuba after Castro took power, but two years before Casto took power.  Thus, according to WaPo, Rubio’s family narrative of being Cuban exiles is embellished if not false.  WaPo does quote Rubio as saying that his family attempted to return to Cuba after Castro took power but that they left because they didn’t want to live under Communist rule.

The Miami Herald, however, points out that it is WaPo which is embellishing, not Rubio, Did the Washington Post embellish Marco Rubio’s ’embellishments’? The Herald points out that the one speech which WaPo cites as to Rubio telling the story of his family fleeing Cuba after Castro does not actually say what WaPo says it said.  The Herald also makes the completely accurate point that even Cubans who left just prior to Castro could not return unless they wanted to live under Communism, and that it it proper to refer to them as exiles.

But there is a bigger point here.  Look how carefully WaPo is scrutinizing not just actual Republican candidates like Perry, but potential candidates in some future election cycle like Rubio.

WaPo can turn over rocks on Perry, and dig deep into half-century old immigration files as to Rubio, but WaPo was dragged kicking and screaming into even touching Barack Obama’s 20-year association with Jeremiah Wright, as Jim Geraghty of NRO tweets:

The article linked in Geraghty’s tweet is a mea culpa from WaPo’s ombudsman about WaPo’s delay on the Reverend Wright story, When The Post Was Late to Church:

The Post — and some others in the news media — came late to reporting on the controversy surrounding the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., Barack Obama’s former Chicago pastor. The story, long there for the picking, touched raw nerves — racial, political and religious — among readers.

WaPo should be digging as to actual and potential presidential candidates.  The issue is not where WaPo has been digging, but where it has not been digging.

Put it all back on the table, starting Obama’s Jeremiah Wright years and Obama’s claims that he never heard any of Wright’s inflammatory speeches.  Interview parishioners, obtain audio and video records, dig anywhere and everywhere regarding Obama’s completely implausible claim that he didn’t know his spiritual mentor was a race-baiting flame-throwing agitator.  And while WaPo’s at it, dig into Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn; Obama’s early campaigns; the land deal with Tony Reszko through which Obama bought his house on the cheap; and Obama’s mystery college years.

It’s all there for WaPo’s investigative journalists and page one headline writers.  And it’s all back on the table.


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Oh, we MIGHT think it is ALL back on the table, but we know WaPo IS NOT going to serve up the “bad” Reverend for public consumption. After all, didn’t “The Won” deliver a speech in ’08 putting that dog to bed? Lol

And, GOODBYE LULU…..LULU4EVER!! 😉 Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm. Thanks for the entertainment this week…..hmmm… about some Supremes?

It’d be nice to see them do it. It’d be nice if I woke up and found a million dollars under my pillow too. The one is about as likely as the other.

The newspapers are unable to understand what’s in their best interest. If they did journalism like that, someone might, you know, BUY a newspaper…

I really don’t expect the WaPo to do anything with any portion of President Hoover II’s past. Afterall, we will be told .. you have his record as an incompetent President.

Wapo di not want to reveal Obamas socialistic past, because they agree with him. Period. Same with the VERY liberal ABC,CBS,NBC, NYTimes ect…..They are STILL covering for him. We still don’t really know anything REAL about him.

Two things:

1) As someone who watched unflattering information about Obama and his associates scrubbed from the internet right before my eyes, we all know there is nothing left to find.

There is nothing freakier than watching Google change your search words-

2) Sensory overload. There is already so much on Barry the brain cannot process it. One more “Reverend Wright” scandal is going to do what? Prove Obama is a liar?

I’m thinking there are more recent examples–like the last time he spoke.


CNN just ran a piece on Herman Cain–visiting his church in Atlanta, talking to church members.

How about Obama’s trips to radical islamist countries in the 1980s and 1990s? Nothing to see there right, washcompost?
This story about Rubio will burnish his credentials not lessen them. The comPost thinks it has another macaca moment, but it is the one with its rep in shreds.

Yeah, and AFTER the election, they wrote an editorial (may have been the ombusdman) admitting that they failed also to cover the questionable election funding by the Obama campaign, and the election fraud in the primaries.

I know, because I asked them about this, before the election, when this story was important.

The gist of WaPo’s dramatic claim is that Rubio’s family did not leave Cuba after Castro took power, but two years before Casto took power.

My aunts, uncles and parents were ordered by my grandfather, who at that time owned a factory in Saigon, to leave Vietnam and re-establish the family business in Singapore…2 years before the Commies took power. He knew what was coming. Some of my aunts and uncles did not comply thinking the Americans could still win the war. The eldest aunt thought she could even negotiate with the Congs to keep grandpa’s factory open.

Needless to say…the factory was promptly confiscated (the commies tried running it for a few years until the equipments went bust) Eldest aunt’s husband was promptly carted off to a re-education camp; an uncle died trying to escape into Cambodia; and a few other were lost at sea and refugee camps.

It took my grandfather a decade and huge ransoms (Commie officials) to locate and rescue each one.

So what’s WaPo’s point? It’s more compelling to flee during a violent Communist Occupation than during its advent?

Rubio’s story is no more embellished than mine or millions of others who were displaced by an evil ideology which Obama + Left Wing Academia + Media (e.g. WaPo) currently embrace and constantly embellishes as good.

What have Janeane Garofalo, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, … you know, the people who see racists and racism at every turn when it comes to the tea party … what have they said about “Reverend” Wright?

I’m sure there must be quotes from these people raking him over the coals, right?

The Macaca Post exists to destroy Republican candidates.

They aren’t going to change.

I’ve never understood why any Republican would give them the time of day. Don’t do interviews, don’t return their calls, don’t read their paper, definitely don’t buy or advertise in it, don’t mention it in conversation, and don’t link to it on your website.

Sue them as often as possible for libel and defamation.

If it wasn’t for their Kaplan profits they’d probably already be bankrupt. So, don’t do anything that sends money to anything related to Kaplan.

There have been numerous stories about Obama and relationships with gay men. Are they true? Who knows. Would it be different if there were similar rumors about Allen West? Do you think the Post, NYT or the other rags would withhold the stories, even knowing they were not true?

re: Rick Perry: Yeah, but that was a really RACIST rock.

Focus on his prior record – The Chicago Annenberg Challenge – for anyone who was paying attention, you’d see how he spent other people’s money – to “encourage” celebration of Juneteenth rather than boosting algebra scores, for example.

In a funny way, with his latest “jobs” speeches, it’s like he’s reverted back to his glory days, that’s all he knew.

THEN, look up articles on his pay for play stuff, big donations, followed by juicy contracts with no project getting done – I remember at least two, and I think they were covered in Chicago papers. RBO had a nice collection. iirc

Both of these show you who he is and how he does business. It’s just more money now – and he is just as useless an appendage as he was back then. President Worthless. When the media finally groks that that is what we are reacting against, not his skin color, we will have made some progress.

The MSM will try to destroy any and every potential conservative leader a la Palin.