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Elizabeth Warren, the Al Gore of Occupy Wall Street

Elizabeth Warren, the Al Gore of Occupy Wall Street

Elizabeth Warren has stepped in it with her boast that she created the Occupy Wall Street movement:

“I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do,” she says. “I support what they do.”

Warren’s boast was an overstatement much akin to Al Gore’s claim of credit for the internet, but even worse because aligning so specifically with OWS is an implicit endorsement of all the ills of the movement.  Remember, while Massachusetts is a liberal state, it also is home to some of the largest financial services companies and money managers, including Fidelity, Eaton Vance, Mass Mutual, and Putnam.

So Warren’s campaign started to walk back the claim:

In an interview Tuesday with a local reporter published in Mother Jones, she downplayed her earlier claim of credit. “I had a long conversation with someone about the Occupy Wall Street movement. I said, I think, I’ve been protesting Wall Street for a very long time.” She added, “There’s not a question of is there enough credit to go around…So I am glad that that conversation is going forward and that it’s going forward in an organic way.”

Having walked back the claim, Warren is walking it forward once again, trying to associate with idea but not the reality of OWS:

Elizabeth was making the point that she has been protesting Wall Street’s practices and policies for years — and working to change them. Wall Street’s tricks brought our economy to the edge of collapse and there hasn’t been any real accountability. She understands why people are so angry and why they are taking their fight to the street. She has said repeatedly everyone has to abide by the law. Elizabeth is working for change a different way, to take this fight to the United States Senate.

Associating so closely with OWS is the first big mistake Warren has made, as she thereby associates herself with all the images of the protests plastered all over the Boston press.

And she gives the GOP the opportunity to run ads like this one:


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to the full extent allowed by law.


Sorry, slightly off topic.

The video quotes Democratic pollster Douglas Schoen’s WSJ piece a few times. I have one question. Isn’t Douglas Schoen really Lumpy Rutherford’s father, the great character actor, Richard Deacon? See for yourself:

LukeHandCool (who would remind people that Leave it to Beaver’s Clarence “Lumpy” Rutherford is in real life a bond broker these days. Tony Dow’s (Hmmmmm … the Dow?) old buddy is a member of the 1%. Eddie Haskell joined the LAPD. It’s said that Lumpy helps his old fellow cast members with their investments. Barbara Billingsley died here at her home in Santa Monica last year).

When I heard Elizabeth Warren say that she “created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do,” my first thought was, “And it shows!”

Elizabeth Warren was a revered professor at Harvard Law School as was Elena Kagan. Sure looks like we are seeing the quality of lack of it at Harvard Law School.
So Professor, how did you end up a conservative Republican with a degree from the RED School of Law at Harvard? I await your autobiography. Thank you for the golden oldie music videos.
Marianne Faithfull had a beautiful voice but I looked her up in Wikipedia and what a sordid life of addiction, broken marriages, abandoned children etc. but a lovely voice nonetheless.

Will be interesting to see similar ads run next year showing greater violence with Obama’s support thrown in.

1. Elizabeth Warren, the Al Gore of Occupy Wall Street

Unfortunately Algore would be a very strong candidate here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

2. What is it with the idiotic music in GOP ads? (I base this on a sample of two: this one and the Gingrich one you posted recently.)

3. And it’s not only the music. Just because the party’s symbol is an elephant doesn’t mean their ads must have all the subtlety of one. Let Warren be the humorless ranting ideologue. Independent voters will be persuaded by light mockery, not by viciousness; the weapon of choice is a rapier, not a bludgeon.

4. There was also Warren’s “I’m going for the hick vote” gaffe.

5. At the times when Warren was successfully disguising herself as a moderate, I expected her to win. If she keeps exposing her doctrinaire self with gaffes, it could be a different story. I hope her Cambridge echo chamber keeps applauding her gaffes as sophisticated wit.

Scott Brown’s faults are well documented, but this person would be much, much worse.


I like the ad and think that she should be pounded with it relentlessly, until she makes an equally stupid remark. The RNC should run the ad nationally and ask for donations to help defeat her. Let her be the liberal face of this, along with Obama and others who speak highly of OWS. It is going to get very ugly, especially next spring and summer, after Acorn gets all the kinks worked out.

It’s good to see that Warren is willing to share the credit for the (alleged) rapes.

“I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do,”

Personally, I wouldn’t advertise that. It’s like taking credit for the collision avoidance system on the Titanic.

The post title, “Elizabeth Warren, the Al Gore of Occupy Wall Street” makes me think of that bumper sticker,

“Stop Global Whining!”

Librarian Liz also was the brain-child of the unaccountable Consumer Protection entity. So, now she claims credit for two unaccountable organizations. I spot a pattern here.