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Newt gravitational pull

Newt gravitational pull

Frank Luntz did a focus group on Hannity last night regarding the Las Vegas debate.  The group confirmed my view that Newt is rising.

I can’t find a video of it, but NewsMax has a partial transcript.  The group found that Newt won the debate hands down, and reacted very negatively to Perry.

I’m beginning to be drawn into the Newt gravitational pull.  Scream at me to stop.  Or give me a push forward.  In the comments.

Update 2:35 p.m. – Interesting, a lot of comments about Newt’s baggage.  Not unexpected and not out of line.  But … whatever happened to not letting the other side pick our nominee?  If you oppose Newt because you think he’s morally unfit, that’s one thing.  But if you think he would be the best nominee, why let the likely attacks by the press and AxelPlouffe deter you?

And, if anyone thinks any Republican candidate is more free from attack than Gingrich, Rick Perry’s campaign previews how Romney will be attacked by Obama (it’s also not hard to dream up Obama attack ads on Perry featuring a certain rock)(h/t Public Secrets):


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Newt – the smartest government guy in the room
Cain – the smartest business guy in the room


    tiger66 in reply to texaszea. | October 20, 2011 at 11:02 am

    I was sorta thinking the other way: Cain/Gingrich. Herman’s charisma, sincerity, and directness supported by Newt’s knowledge of how things work inside the beltway.

    Newt’s got that baggage thing going on. I fear there will be too many anti-Newt votes (translating to for-Obama votes) if Newt leads the ticket.

    But still . . .

      GrumpyOne in reply to tiger66. | October 20, 2011 at 1:23 pm

      As am I… No freakin’ lawyer as Commander-In-Chief!

      (No offense to the prof but the two lawyer occupants of the White House just pushed me over the edge)

      Cain is decisive and Newt is an intellectual.

      Seems like a great pairing to me…

    TeaPartyPatriot4ever in reply to texaszea. | October 21, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    I agree with you, but only time and the Republican and Conservative Voters, will tell..

Yep, those two are heads and shoulders above the rest. Newt’s command and dominance, and vastly superior knowledge of how things work and what is what is something to see.

And Cain is a powerhouse in his own right.

The others are over handled, good at what they do, but not in the same league.

This household is also being sucked in. After every debate, I said, Newt’s on fire. Eventually, you have to give in. This country needs Newt.

I’m firmly in the ABO (Anyone But Obama)camp. The candidate I’m least fond of is Romney, but he would be a world of improvement over President Obama.

The surest way to get my support would be for a candidate to say at the debate, all of us should agree that any one of us would be a better President than the current incumbent. The only reason we are here is so that the American people can decide which of us would be the biggest improvement over Obama.

It isn’t about calling each other names, it’s about who can get elected, and can do the job best once they’re elected.

Newt has lots good ideas, and the least to loose, so he benefits from letting them fly. Romney and Perry are much more more the product of professional handlers, weighing every word against the MSM’s possible reaction.

While Newt’s personal baggage (“on the couch with Nancy”) makes him unelectable, his and Sarah’s intellectual firepower on the issues will provide desperately needed guidance to the eventual winner.

ABC News yesterday:

Palin said on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta van Susteren” that the former Speaker would “clobber Barack Obama in any debate,” but that he probably won’t end up being the nominee although “he’s seen it all” when it comes to politics.

“I think we [Republicans] are more interested in substance and that’s why like tonight Newt Gingrich again I think did the best because he seems to be above a lot of the bickering that goes on,” Palin told Susteren, comparing the fighting rivals to her bickering children. “

Newt is the one candidate whose stature rising during the debates. Too bad for him that there is a month or so until the next debate. I have always thought that as the world situation deteriorates, Newt’s stock will go up. Too bad for him that the primary schedule is moving toward earlier primaries. More time before now and the primaries would like lead to more drift toward him.

Romney is stuck at 23%.

Newt was on Fox last night. Says he’s slowly but surely building his ground game.

Problem is, he’s about out of time, with the primaries getting pushed up.

Who’s pushing them up? ROMNEY.

I’ll say it-


    I agree. As others have pointed out, the similarities between Romney and Obama are becoming obvious. Romney is totally in this for himself, the truth is of little consequence to him, and he is vicious. One difference: While Obama has a core of flaming liberalism or marxism, Romney has no substantive core.

I don’t think being influenced by Newt’s gravitational field can be construed as a negative whatsoever. As I have previously opined here at LI, Newt is smart and capable. And I wouldn’t have any problem voting for him, but I am sticking with one of my two picks from the beginning of this primary process, another fellow Georgian, Herman Cain. A Gingrich/Cain, or Cain/Gingrich, ticket, will surely be good for America and our Allies around the world.

Newt is the most brilliant, articulate, and presentationally capable person in the field. Perhaps in all of national politics. The depth of his knowledge, both of history and policy, is often breathtaking.

But if y’all think a Republican who left his cancer-stricken wife for another woman is going to get elected president, you’re crazy. The details of the story (which I’m perfectly willing to believe would show him in a respectable light) are irrelevant. The media and Obama will bludgeon him, and his candidacy, to death with it. By Fall 2012, every man, woman, child, and house pet will know only one thing about Newt, and that’ll be it.

I wish it were different. But it isn’t. If you thought Sarah Palin had a steep hill to climb, Newt will have an Everest.

    I totally agree with you. Let’s not forget that Obama would run that clip from the debate with Newt admitting he supported the mandate and that was where Romney got the idea for MA. I thought he handled the admission well but it still has the same practical effect on him as it does Romney.

    retire05 in reply to Cowboy Curtis. | October 20, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    It’s not just his marriage problems that the left will hit Newt with. It is all those ethics violations he was charged with. Yeah, he managed to skate all but two of them (out of over 80) but they are still there in the shadows, and the left is not going to remind the public that Newt was exonerated of most of those charges, just that he was charged.

    It is a past he cannot run from. And it will be the nail that seals the coffin.

    I like Newt. He is smart, writes great books and serves to keep others on target. But he cannot win.

Newt Gingrich: brain the size of a planet, soul the shape of a weasel.

With all the garbage in his life, the election would be over the day after he’s nominated. Hell, we could lose the House with him

Which Newt are you warming up to? It’s probably the principled conservative Newt, the one with the good ideas, the debating skills, the old Newt that used to cream Democrats by taking their silly ideas and demolishing them. That’s the good Newt, who never gave in to liberals, and never comprised his conservative principles.

But you might be sorry you fell for this good and brilliant Newt you see on parade just now. There’s another Newt lurking in that skin, one that panders to liberals, makes TV commercials with Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, who thinks he can find a way to work with them. This other Newt is willing to taste their kool aid because he thinks they’ll be nice to him if he does and this Newt desperately wants liberals to treat him fairly. He’s willing to tell them he believes the age of Ronald Reagan is over because he thinks they will invite him to their parties if he says things like that.

If the principle conservative Newt should ever get elected to the White House you, and we, might wake up the next morning and wonder where that Newt went and who is this stranger wearing his skin sitting there in the oval office?

We’ve recently had confirmed what many of us always believed, that the book Sybil and “split personality syndrome” was a hoax and a fraud. But wait, what about Newt Gingrich?

It doesn’t matter what Newt said at the debate. In a week or a month he will say exactly the opposite while sitting on a sofa with Nancy Pelosi and Algore.

Deep down, the man believes in the infinite power of an ever expanding government. Government continued to grow while New was in Congress. That is what he wants and that is what he believes in.

Newt thinks he knows how to run my life and your life better than either you or I and he will build a government predicated on that belief.

I know this and I will not vote for Newt…

For the love of God… is that all it takes to sway the Legal Insurrection audience? A stock motion-picture soundtrack and some fast editing on Adobe AfterEffects?

It’s not really Newt you love… you love his speaking and thinking skill. That’s more of a high level advisory/ VP role.

Here’s a constructive idea. Promote a Cain and Newt alliance. Let Newt coach Cain on taking on Obama on stage. And when he gets elected, keep Newt as VP.

It just that I’ll have a harder time marketing Newt than Cain in this town.

    Owen J in reply to Aucturian. | October 21, 2011 at 5:31 am

    I think the answer (generally, not just here) is at this point: “Yes, probably – and certainly to a point.”

    The same thing could be said about Cain. The power of PT Barnum is not linked to an ideology.

Barring a late entry from Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio there is nobody that I would rather see debating Barry O than Newt. He told Fox News the other day that if he’s the nominee that he would challenge Obummer to “7 3-hour debates with a timekeeper and no moderator in the Lincoln/Douglas tradition.” Of course, the One would never agree to it. Could you imagine Mr. thin skin being grilled by professor Newt. I too fell into Newt’s orbit last week.

Subotai Bahadur | October 20, 2011 at 12:34 pm

Newt is smart. Newt is capable of debating the pants off of Buraq Hussein. Newt knows how to work the Institutional Republican political machine …. for their and his benefit. And that is the problem.

Leaving aside his personal life and morality [after all, the Democrats say that personal morality and life have nothing to do with governance]; when has he done anything but support the Institutional Republicans whose goal is to be the same as the Democrats, but slower? Sitting on a couch next to Nancy Pelosi raises questions about his personal judgment unless he had arranged to be de-loused immediately afterwards. Buying into AGW and promoting the increased government control of all of us that is inevitable following that path speaks more to where his heart is. NY-23 in 2009 where he supported what was in reality a Democrat named by the local Institutional Republican Good Old Boys [as did the national Institutionals] for the seat and fought against the Conservative base shows where his political instincts are. His publicly calling the Ryan Budget a “piece of Right Wing social engineering” during the recent Republican surrender(s) over the budget does not bode well for any chance that if elected he will work to pull this country back from the brink of collapse if it cuts into the pork ration for the Institutional Republicans.

Other than personal charisma [something that is not a factor when dealing with Mitt]; why would one trust him any more than one would trust Mitt, to do what needs to be done if elected?

Full disclosure. I am a Palin supporter who has gravitated to Cain. If Cain falters, I will work for a Patriot Congress over working on the presidential race, and also preparations for the hard and “interesting” times we will inevitably have. That said, I will vote for any Republican presidential candidate nominated EXCEPT for Paul and Romney. ABO.

OT: In my small town there have been a dozen or two Moonbats supported [quietly, because we are having local elections] by the county Democrats sporadically demonstrating at the corner where political matters tend to happen here on behalf of #OccupyWallStreet. No encampment, and we just ignore them. #Occupy being the creature of the Democrats and their more militant Marxist supporters, it is not surprising that recent polling by a Democrat pollster shows that a plurality of demonstrators want to re-elect Obama. Something along the line of “we need Anarchy, and we need a government strong enough to enforce it”.

However, since yesterday, our local Moonbats have added “Ron Paul 2012” to the backs of all their signs in big letters. Has anyone else seen this phenomenon? Have the Ronulans joined with OWS?

Subotai Bahadur

I finally gave up trying to find the perfect conservative and came to the conclusion, after watching every debate so far, that Newt is smarter, more polished, and about the only one up there who can argue on substance. I really don’t think he will get the nomination but I sent him $10 anyway. I am sure my donation will turn his campaign around.

Professor Jacobson….Newt unlike obama is the smartest guy in any room he’s in and he knows the system ..and this should make ya laugh it its funny

If Newt had any ideas, he’d be dangerous. His current rise is a tribute to his political skills, which are sharp. Newt represents the worst of politics–reelection/status quo is the short- and long-term goal.

Cain has ideas, but lacks political savvy. 9-9-9 isn’t the greatest thing, but it’s a good place to start, and it’s having an effect on the nomination process. I saw that Perry is jumping on the flat tax train. Tell me that Cain didn’t have a hand in his decision.

Our nation is desperate for a CEO-type to take charge and lead us out of this financial mess. The roles as Commander-in-Chief and architect of foreign policy are unimportant to many. That makes Cain attractive. He has the skill set that many seek at this point in history. Eisenhower was no politician, but he had foreign policy and military experience, which were attractive as the USSR, China, and Communism threatened. Ike had the skill set that many Americans sought.

What does Newt have that we crave? Intelligence? Political experience? He’s essentially a talking head, not having held any office in over a dozen years. He’s devoted those years to trying to remain relevant and electable. He’s not. Nominating Newt is like replaying 2008.

    I second that.

    Owen J in reply to windbag. | October 21, 2011 at 6:45 am

    It needs to be pointed out that even if the roles of Commander-in-Chief and architect of foreign policy are unimportant to many, they are not, in fact, unimportant.

    And actually, Ike was pretty good politician, as a close reading of his WWII career will tell.

We are seeing the effects of the politics of personal destruction in that we are looking for a perfect human being, a non-politician, to run the most important political office in the world. Look how well we have done with the blank slate Obama. Now we are embracing the almost blank slate Cain. I guess old political wounds never heal.

If Newt is truly “the smartest man in the room” he understands in his heart-of-heart how “unelectable” he seems. Not is, seems. During down time an astute and ambitious politician might have the time to make a huge effort rehabilitating his relationships and reputation. If – and only if – Newt has quietly already done that, and is waiting for the right timing to disclose it, I could support him. But I would still want the house and senate locked up in order to hold his nose to the grindstone. Otherwise there’d be no difference between Newt and Romney.

I think Newt is a the Trojan Horse of the Conservative Movement. On the outside, he appears to be a gift of sensible ideas standing above the infighting. However, inside this ‘horse’ resides the heart of the GOP Establishment.
This is the same Newt who took $300,000 to lobby on behalf of Freddie Mac. This is the same Newt who told NY Conservatives to accept the liberal Scozzafava over the conservative Doug Hoffman.
I think the GOP establishment is plenty nervous about Mitt; and as well they should. They tried to recruit Christie and Mitch Daniels. A small cadre of folks are backing Huntsman, but he is going nowhere. But there, in the middle of the bench, sits the old war horse, the always reliable Newt. This is his chance.

Don’t ever listen to what a politician says; watch his actions. Newt?? No thanks!

That video is also sad testimony to the status of our guv’ment with regard to application high technology to its everyday operations.

The cure to this dilemma is to SIMPLIFY everyday functions. Think about it… It is currently impossible to audit the Defense Department. The guv’ment’s cure route — Pursue a new computerized accounting system and… You might have guessed it.. Up to four different systems are being developed all of which appear to be failing at this point.

What is really needed is an intelligent no nonsense track record proven individual to take charge. The only one that I see in the line up is Cain. No more BS!

Newt could be a great VP side kick though…

Long time LI reader, first time poster. I too feel the pull. If Newt could find a way to repair the damage from his earlier criticism of the Ryan plan, I think I could see him as the nominee. I’m convinced he’s the only one of the candidates including Obama, that wouldn’t embarrass us any further. And we’re all sick of being embarrassed!

Not to say he won’t be aggravating, but at this point at least we can expect a reasonable argument from him on why his plan or approach makes sense on any particular issue. Also I just don’t doubt his love of country and that’s greatly important to me – so I can overlook his idiosyncrasies given that. I believe in his desire to see America succeed. And he’s smart enough to turn us back in that direction. And he has a friendly smile:-) And I really want to see him debate “the won.” Badly.

The only way Newt could ever get Mr. Wonderful to agree to a three hour debate is to have it on a golf course.

1. Aucturian

For the love of God… is that all it takes to sway the Legal Insurrection audience? A stock motion-picture soundtrack and some fast editing on Adobe AfterEffects?

I too noticed the schlocky soundtrack. I gather I’m supposed to leap to my feet shouting Newt! Newt! Newt!


2. I remember how reliably unpopular Gingrich was during the Clinton years. Every time Bubba’s poll numbers drooped, he could tweak them by attacking Gingrich.

3. Under Gingrich’s leadership, the Republicans achieved the rare feat of losing seats in a midterm election when the White House was held by the opposite party.

4. I don’t deny his legislative accomplishments, but the guy is too much of a loose cannon to be President. McCain with a brain.

5. richard_mcenroe

Newt Gingrich: brain the size of a planet, soul the shape of a weasel.

Exactly. And he cannot hide the latter.

Then again, things might get so bad that people won’t care: cf. Nixon 1968.

6. If Gingrich thinks he’s going to get himself a better seat on Air Force One, he is probably mistaken.

7. The above notwithstanding, the Romney-Perry brawl damaged Republican standing. The Romney-Perry brawl increased the probability that after election night the MSM will be gloating over Obama’s “Trumanesque” victory.

Heckuva job, you ********s.

    votermom in reply to gs. | October 20, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    7. The above notwithstanding, the Romney-Perry brawl damaged Republican standing.

    That might be true, butI have to admit that my first instinctive reaction to seeing the clip of Perry attacking Romney was to grin. I guess I didn’t realize how much I dislike seeing Romney uncontested as the front-runner.
    And I am not a Perry supporter by any stretch.

I really like Newt. If I had to choose the one I think would make the best pres. it would be him.

David R. Graham | October 20, 2011 at 2:39 pm

Palin declined the opportunity not because of opposition or threats but because she saw the voters would rely on her rather than on themselves and the party and country would remain weak in consequence. There are no saviors outside one’s self. Better to let the voters and party sink or swim than throw a buoy that gives only an appearance of sufficiency (she is a human being, an extraordinarily fine one, not a god). The nation can be only as strong as its will. If the nation cannot summon will to swim and find a way not to sink, then there is no point offering what would be superficial amelioration of an underlying dis-ease. Voter, thou art not weak!

This throws a voter back on their self. That is painful, especially when one has invested enthusiasm (en+theos=filled with God) for someone who decides to dance without kissing. I feel it personally.

Yet, I think Sarah’s wisdom is solid and reliable. Her political judgements are fair and, despite the pain, beneficial for the nation, which is, and I am sure always will be, the focus of her political thinking and well-wishes. Her personality is almost without ego (no one can be entirely).

I would not be drawn into any Republican’s gravitational field at this time unless intuitive certainty (in philosophy: non-dualistic, non-dialectical, direct, unmediated experience) compelled it. I also would not say so-and-so cannot win such-and-such because of this-and-that. Such statements are prognostications of zero value because God alone knows the past, the present and the future.

Stick to events, describe what is happening, describe it carefully and as thoroughly as possible. Expose corruption, pull back the curtain on deceit, light up lies. And observe which candidates heed Palin’s and Simon’s recommendation to stop the filial bickering and attack the enemy. A voter has to boot-strap their self on this one because all of the packages offered leak. Riehl yesterday deployed a descriptive metaphor and I think that’s what’s needed: accurate, thoroughgoing description of all things election:

Take-away description: “… Mitt Romney, the proverbial frozen TV Dinner of GOP Presidential politics. … he has a tendency to melt rather quickly once the heat’s turned up.”

Still, Mitt Romney is not the enemy …. If one wishes to be pulled into a gravitational field, make it that of the enemy, deploy every descriptive power available and send more of the same behind the enemy’s gravitational field to sap strength from its center, its backbone. Expose the SOBs who are financing the enemy. A voter should work on their own behalf. Observe and describe events. Who’s doing what? Truth and power are one and the same and a voter is capable of discerning the one and wielding the other.

Professor, a challenge for you:

Go to, examine his contract with America and find a single budget cut Newt is proposing (other than the old chestnut of eliminating waste and fraud). I couldn’t find one.

I suggest Newt is a revenue-neutral kind of guy, i.e., the type that’s comfortable with the current federal spending level so long as revenues are raised to match it. He’ll raise those revenues by “growing the economy” via tax cuts. I think that’s the way he balanced the budget in 1994.

If you think this Laffer approach is what is needed to “turn this country around,” well, Newt’s your man…or Perry…or Romney…or Cain.

I’m not a Paulbot or a Ronulan, but I can do math. Ron Paul’s “Plan To Restore America” does not attempt to reform government or fund government. It eliminates large chunks of it: five cabinet-level departments and a cool $1-trillion in government spending in one year. Real cuts, not Boehner fantasy cuts.

Ron Paul has promised to take a sledge hammer to the Washington establishment. Although he has the stage presence and debating skills of Prof. Irwin Corey, I’ll probably vote for him in the primaries because I believe he’ll do what he says (and Gallagher ain’t running).

Ya know what folks ….I don’t care about Newts history or what ever issues lay in his past ….if the democrats can create a morally bankrupt race baiting shyster with so many questionable ties to so many shady groups and people who on the face of it seems to have been created out of whole cloth for just the purpose of the presidency then I can live with Newt and what ever wack a doo furries he may have. I have always liked Newt but never figured he stood much of a chance …. well the hell with it and the nay sayers he’s got my support

Cowboy Curtis | October 20, 2011 at 3:42 pm

Per the update:

I’m not convinced Newt would be the best nominee, though I do think he’d be very effective at governing, and do so in a decidedly conservative manner. But I don’t think its a case of letting the opposition pick our candidate to have grave concerns about how his campaign would go. Rather, there are some things that simply cannot be overcome as a politician in this country. Some narratives simply cannot be gotten out from under any circumstance,especially when, as in the case of his leaving a sick wife, there’s a whole lot of truth to them. To me, that’s not surrender, or even a particularly defensive move. Its just bowing to reality.

I’d love to see him as a VP choice, or in any number of cabinet posts.

I, too, am changing my mind. The electability vs. baggage issue is strong, but it’s clear that conservatives are taking another look. I also believe in personal growth taking place over a lifetime (I’m nowhere near the person I was just 20 years ago)and I believe Newt isn’t the same person he was long ago either. The only thing I can really remember clearly is him and Nancy on the couch….I was on the Cain Train but now I’m doing the Newt Scoot.

Newt Gingrich has a professional politician’s perspective. He behaves as if America is the playground to the grand political game. I view politics as a means of governing the nation. My view requires Newt to love the country first, but his actions and the results of his actions tell me his love isn’t far from his mirror.

    Cowboy Curtis in reply to DaveO. | October 20, 2011 at 4:48 pm


    I’ll note that the results of actions are often poor indicators of the intent and motive of said actions, and not real great for determining the desired outcome, either. Sometimes things go totally sideways from what you intended. Just because something turns out bad doesn’t mean you intended for something bad to happen. I’d say the actual action and the results one would expect to flow naturally therefrom are better indicators of motive and intent than the actual outcome itself.

      When Newt got his majority, he bungled it badly. He showed he’s much better at pointing the way than leading the way.

      Newt failed because because he’s tempermentally suited to being the opposition; he’s great at being against things (which is why he looking OK now), but he gets lost when required to be for something.

      A leader can’t just be an opposition figure — s/he needs to be able to formulate and articulate a superior set of principles, define a strategy to achieve them, and select the right people and organs to implement that strategy.

      Palin (for example) excels at (at least) the first two, and probably the third.

      Based on his history, Netw does not. Perry, I think does.

Newt is impressive in some ways but regrettably has shown himself to be a man of immoral character. I will spot anyone one divorce from a too early marriage that went sour, but a guy whi serially (and more or less openly) cheats on, then leaves his wives? I could never vote for such a man. One who so casually casts aside sacred vows to please himself simply cannot be trusted.

Certainly, a host of so-called social conservatives will have the same attitude, as will millions of general election voters.

    Owen J in reply to JEBurke. | October 21, 2011 at 5:21 am

    I don’t much care about these purported moral lapses (anymore than Linclon cared about Grant’s drinking).

    I do care that he’s not a competent leader.

Here’s the deal with Newt: he’s smart and not just in a wonkish, “academic” kind of way. He knows how Washington works, he knows how the world works, and most importantly, he knows how America works.

Does he have some icky personal baggage? Yes, but who hasn’t made regrettable choices in their lives? Who hasn’t tripped up? He didn’t tweet his boy bits to random strangers, after all, and he has settled down with the lovely Callista. He learned, as he willingly admits, from both his successes and from his mistakes. What’s not to like? I’d vote for him for president in a heartbeat. And pay money to hear him debate that moron in the WH. Real money.

    Owen J in reply to Fuzzy. | October 21, 2011 at 5:24 am

    Actaully, I think academic is the perfect work for his understanding.

    Newt has shown that he lacks the ability to translate his understanding into positive — as opposed to negative — action. He can be useful, but he’s not a good leader.

    We need a good leader.

“I’m beginning to be drawn into the Newt gravitational pull. Scream at me to stop.”

ok, (insert really loud scream here) STOP!!!!!!!!!!!


    Cowboy Curtis in reply to Joy. | October 20, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    That’s not really fair. He’s a big idea guy, and when guys like that have it right, they are incredibly right. And when they are wrong, oh boy, are they ever wrong. Churchill was like that (not to say Newt is a Churchill).

    Lets remember, this is the architect of the Republican congressional majority. No one else can lay the claim he has on that achievement, or even come close. He had the vision, foresight, and plan at a time when it seemed like the craziest of ponderables. Hell, up until election night 1994, everyone thought he was crazy. And we owe him a huge debt for that, and probably more than a little slack.

    I’m still pulling for Perry, though.

    TeaPartyPatriot4ever in reply to Joy. | October 21, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    Joy, I like your post.. but let me say the old line.. “Don’t, Stop, Don’t, Stop”.. : )

    Newt looks so good, because the rest look so bad.. but that does not take away from Newt.. even though he has his issues as well..

    Unfortunately, there isn’t one person who is the complete Conservative Ronald Reagan package.. so with that being said, Newt is the only one, who has the wherewithal, the knowledge, the intelligence, and experience, to make the best, of a somewhat dreary and even pathetic looking bunch of Presidential hopefuls..

I can never vote for a nominee in the primary who has supported global warming at any time. Global warming is for the ignorant to believe in. When anybody as smart as Newt is purported to be expouses this “cause” it’s for prestige and money and shows how false this person is. That said, I will vote ABO no matter who it isin the general.

Also, I can never forget he let the dims railroad him into resigning the speakership when he was accused of ethic charges. He played right into their hands. Just like Bob Livingston and Tom DeLay did. If he had been a dim, he never would have resigned. Just look at all the crooked dims still in offoce and until this year head of important committees. Republicans are so above the fray it’s sickening. They just don’t seem to understand they should be fighting against scavengers and predators and not laying down and rolling over to be “fair” and “bipartisan”.

    philwynk in reply to BarbaraS. | October 21, 2011 at 10:31 am

    BarbaraS wrote: “I can never forget he let the dims railroad him into resigning the speakership when he was accused of ethic charges. He played right into their hands.”

    He did not “let the dims [sic] railroad him” into anything. Those were Republicans who drove him out of the Speaker’s chair. THEY — the rebellious Republicans who backed Bob Livingston for Speaker — who let the Democrats railroad them.

at this last debate, perry was yapping like a deranged chihuhua and his ‘an illegal cut your grass’ attack was weak and petty. romney’s condescending laugh and his ‘it’s my turn to speak’ shtick quickly wore thin.
once again, the only adult on the stage was gingrich. he was level-headed, displayed a sense of humor, and had facts and figures at his fingertips. remind me why he’s ‘unelectable’..?..he would destroy obama in debate…”seven of them, three hours long, and no moderator”…go newt !

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | October 21, 2011 at 8:58 am

Newt Gingrich is the only one with the experience, the knowledge, the intelligence,  the skill, and common  sense conservative policies, let alone the wherewithal, and the guts, to know, see, and actually do something about the problems we are now facing, and the people causing the problems.. And even though he is no Ronald Reagan, he is as close as we are going to get on this stage, that’s for sure..

The “anyone but Obama” meme is a very dangerous mindset. It is an emotional belief that anyone is better than Obama. It does not allow any rational thought to fully examine/vet any challenger to Obama. Thus, we have been susceptible to the ‘flavor of the week’.
The last few months have been a roller-coaster of emotions as Bachmann, then Perry, now Cain, now Gingrich have seen their political fortunes rise. We seem to be led by polls and not by common sense. At the end of the day, will we truly back the eventual GOP nominee?
The current GOP field is littered with has-beens, wannabes, and never weres. There are better candidates sitting out this election cycle. I am watching from the sidelines, amused by what passes for conventional political thought. In 2008, many non-liberals bought into Obama’s shtick of Hope and Change. They either ignored his political past or deluded themselves into believing he would put ideology aside and do the right thing. Let’s not make the same mistake in 2012.

    TeaPartyPatriot4ever in reply to spartan. | October 21, 2011 at 10:37 am

    Well, Obama will lose, period.. He will not be reelected, I can almost guarantee you that, as he is exactly like Jimmy Carter, politically speaking.. His destruction of the US Economy, Jobs, marked with rising high Inflation, the massive devaluing of the US Dollar, and especially of the massive US National Debt, and Deficit, that he has incurred, almost all by himself, which has America on the brink of financial and economic collapse and bankruptcy, as well as the Race and Class warfare that he is engaged in, will all but ensure his defeat..

    The question is, and will be, who will be the challenger, the Republican Party Nominee, to be the next US President..
    So, with the current crop of Republican candidates, which we, the Voters, the people, are looking at, and deciding on.. So it’s obvious, that there’s a lot to be desired..
    There is not a real Conservative Ronald Reagan among all of them.

    But Newt, is the only one I see, that has any real bearings, experience, knowledge, and the wherewithal, on what is happening, and how to fix it- the right way.. The others will only make it worse, with their inexperience, and thus waffling indecisions.. and the others are not real Constitutional Conservatives, but are crony capitalist Republican Party RINO’s.. Even though newt has been known for his past cronyism, he is still the only one up there, with a brain.. which is the scary part, when you think of it..

    The rest have passion, but are far short on substance, and character, and true values and Principles.. which is why they, and their records, all reflect cronyism..

    As far as Herman Cain goes, since he is not a politician by profession, he is the most attractive among the group, but his answers at the debate the other night, reveal his weaknesses.. Like his waffling on some of his answers, his back tracking, or flip flopping.. and his answer on the hypothetical demands from terrorists, for an American hostage, was quite revealing, and terrible, as no US President should ever negotiate with Terrorists, period. end of story..That just shows his inexperience and weakness, as the Chief Executive of America, just like with Obama..

    So, these are all tell tale signs of the problems with all of them.. as we are in the political fight, for the future of America itself, if it is to remain a US Constitutional Free Market Capitalist Republic.

Aside from Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich is the only Republican who has succeeded at reining back government at the federal level in my lifetime (I’m 57). He is the author of the Contract With America, that accomplished more of the conservative agenda in 100 days than the rest of the Republican party managed to accomplish in the next 14 years. He is also the author of the highly-touted surpluses that the Democrats have been trying to attribute to Bill Clinton — and into which Clinton had to be dragged kicking and screaming.

If Newt does NOT win the nomination, we should insist that whoever DOES win it hire Gingrich as his national policy adviser. Gingrich is clearly the best thinker in the Republican party.

Anybody concerned about his famous “baggage” should consider: any candidate that does not have similar baggage now, will have it 3 days after receiving the Republican nomination. It’s what Democrats do to Republicans. Gingrich obtained this baggage by succeeding at putting the vile Bill Clinton on a leash. If the Democrats can make villains out of the likes of Ken Starr, Dick Cheney, and Sarah Palin, they could make a a villain out of Jesus, Mary, and Saint Francis. So stop letting vile accusers from the left pick your candidates for you.

    TeaPartyPatriot4ever in reply to philwynk. | October 21, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    Exactly.. Excellent post..

    Let me also say, like I state earlier to Joy..

    Newt looks so good, because the rest look so bad.. but that does not take away from Newt.. even though he has his issues as well..

    Unfortunately, there isn’t one person who is the complete Conservative Ronald Reagan package.. so with that being said, Newt is the only one, who has the wherewithal, the knowledge, the intelligence, and experience, to make the best, of a somewhat dreary and even pathetic looking bunch of Presidential hopefuls..