We’ve been there before, a $5 raffle for a chance to have dinner with the President of the United States.

The $5 doesn’t go to the government to help pay down debt, it goes to Obama’s campaign.  It’s a way to gin up the “small donor” and total donor numbers, and as before, it comes just before the end of a quarterly reporting period.

Via Business Insider:

Friend —

Supporters like you are the reason I’m here, and the values we  share have always made our organization more than just a political  campaign.

So whenever I can, I want to take the opportunity to meet you.  Last month, that meant I got to talk to folks in Iowa about small-business  opportunities, and sit down with a group of volunteers from around the country  who helped build this campaign in their communities this summer.

Today, I  want to ask if you’ll join me and three other supporters for a meal and  conversation sometime soon.

Please donate $5 or more to be  automatically entered for a chance to join me for dinner.

If  this sounds a bit familiar to you, it’s because we’ve done this before. In fact,  my hope is that I’ll be able to keep doing these dinners throughout the  campaign….

But I have a warning to those considering paying $5 for the chance.

Hold out until the final days.

And you will get it for $3.  Plus a Slurpee.