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Bad Omen for Obama Fundraising?

Bad Omen for Obama Fundraising?

A reader forwarded me this e-mail received from Obama’s fundraising operation, titled “They’re Wrong,” which suggests that Obama is anticipating weak fundraising numbers.  The full e-mail is in the image below (click to enlarge), but here is the key portion (emphasis mine):

We’re closing the books on the first fundraising quarter of the 2012 race at midnight tomorrow.

A lot of folks will be interpreting our numbers as a measure of this campaign’s support.

They’re not wrong, but they are wrong about why.

We measure our success not in dollars but in people — in the number of everyday Americans who’ve chosen to give whatever they can afford because they know we’ve got more work to do.

I’m asking you to be one of them. Please donate $5 or more before midnight tonight…

There’s certainly no guarantee that this is a bad omen, it may just be a way to get people to donate by creating a fear that the results will be bad and used against Obama.

But it does seem desperate, bring as many people in for $5 then spin the results even if the dollars are below expectations.   An alternative theory being advanced is that Obama has done so well with big donors, the campaign is afraid of the image.

Now the Obama $5 dinner raffle makes sense.

While Obama is pushing big donors to max out now as part of a billion dollar fundraising goal, the message will be how many small donations he received. The same charade that took place in 2008.


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So basically your saying either he’s in trouble “suggests that Obama is anticipating weak fundraising numbers.” or he’s not “Obama has done so well with big donors, the campaign is afraid of the image.” Well, those are the two options now aren’t they? Very useless analysis.

    William A. Jacobson in reply to Awing1. | June 29, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    No there are other possibilities such as doing well with small donors without $5 Raffles.

      Is that your defense of this post? Pretend it’s about the raffle? Your argument in the post appears to be that Obama’s fundraising is in trouble because of the e-mail’s statement that “We measure our success not in dollars but in people”. You then provide reasons why his fundraising would be in trouble if his revenue was low, and why his fundraising would be in trouble if his revenue was high. Those are the only two possible options (with the rare possibility of his revenue being perfect, which probably doesn’t exist in politics), so in your view he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. A useless analysis.

      Don’t try to play it off as if the point of this article was the raffle, that’s almost as dishonest and manipulative as MSNBC’s article about Michele Bachmann’s husband accepting Medicaid payments…

      …OK, maybe you’re not THAT manipulative.

    retire05 in reply to Awing1. | June 29, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    Maybe Obama needs to get those Palestinian phone banks reopened.

    Don’t worry, Obama will be able to rake in as much dirty money as he did last time, Awing1. Jeffrey Immelt will be bringing boxes of money for Obama from China.

      Awing1 in reply to retire05. | June 29, 2011 at 10:07 pm

      Clearly my objections aren’t being understood. I’m not an Obama supporter, I just can’t stand illogical arguments, and this one is clearly a non-starter.

        William A. Jacobson in reply to Awing1. | June 29, 2011 at 10:10 pm

        no one accused you of being an obama supporter. I just think you missed the point, that’s all.

    spartan in reply to Awing1. | June 30, 2011 at 1:25 am

    It seems like only yesterday we were reading stories of Obama’s fundraising prowess. He raised approximately $700 Million. During the campaign, Team Obama was bragging about spending $2Million a day.
    The guy has done nothing but campaign since he was inaugurated and now he is doing $5 raffles? Tell me what other incumbent has resorted to this? What’s next, bake sales?


Pasadena Phil | June 29, 2011 at 6:11 pm

I have a very strong feeling that the Dems will prop up Obama into next summer until it is clear which Democrat the GOP is going to nominate and putt a switcheroo with Hillary. Just as the GOP wasted their time making sure that they nominated a liberal Democrat that polls showed he “the only Republican who can beat Hillary!” in 2008 only to find themselves running against Obama, they will nominate another liberal Democrat that polls show is “the only Republican who can beat Teh Won!” only to find themselves running against Hillary.

Here’s an idea. Let’s nominate that mysterious “generic Republican” that polls consistently show will beat any Democrat for a change. At least we’ll have a Republican to vote for this time.

There already is one Democratic Party too many. We don’t need a second.

Carol Herman | June 30, 2011 at 1:35 am

Hillary can’t win.

And, obama can’t get to his 2008 results, anymore than Jimmy Carter could defeat Ronald Reagan. (Though the GOP insiders sure made a good attempt to knock Reagan out of contention.)

My guess is that Sarah Palin gets a clear shot at being on all 50 ballots. (Or enough States so that she clears the electoral hurdles). And, she wins as an Independent.

Would the democraps then go to court?

Will the supreme’s be asked to postpone inauguration day?

Hoover, who wasn’t a stupid man, was very stubborn about FDR. He thought FDR was a feather duster. He thought FDR couldn’t solve the economic problems which grew worse with Hoover’s delays. As he was waiting for FDR to guarantee that he’d keep him on. He then kept FDR standing throughout the ceremony. And, worse, put it in a spot that had FDR “walking” … But all that changed was the ballgame.

Inauguration was no longer delayed till March.

And, the spot for the inauguration also got moved at the Capitol.

I still think obama’s best shot … is to superglue his tongue to one of the White House portico columns. Or else? He can dive off the Truman balcony. Perhaps, with a cape on?

The most vulnerable spot so far is Biden’s. Hillary “might” accept being veep. Because it didn’t hold LBJ off from becoming president.

I also think Hillary can take out obama … by producing the real birth certificate. Which was issued to Stanley Ann Dunham after she had an illegitimate birth. (Maybe, the Vatican held the certificates? Wasn’t that a big business back when obama was born? Unwed mothers homes. And, everything.) If nothing else, the “process” will be very entertaining. Up to the standards of 1968, in Chicago? I have no idea.

I still think that Evan Bayh has his eye on the WH, but I don’t think he’ll be the first–or the last–to make moves toward a primary challenge. The Clintons are already (and have been for well over a year) working busily in this direction, undermining BO as often as possible and as openly as possible (especially Bill, of course). Kucinich is definitely giving it serious thought and positioning himself with the anti-war progressive far left. Howard Dean is drooling for another shot at the WH. But it’s someone like Bayh who would actually do what the dems desperately need: save the Democrat Party. Not that I want it saved, but I think that not a few people are cluing in to the fact that BO is a resounding failure. No matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, including the center. He’s poison, and he will be purged.

BO has burned bridge after bridge, and he’s going to find out that, like Anthony Weiner found out that, it matters if you are liked personally by members of your party. Hands up if you think the Lady of the Swamp, Simple Harry, or really any democrat actually *likes* BO. Watch the way they act around him, even Biden’s puppy puddling on the carpet fawning is not about liking BO. BO has alienated everyone who might have saved him, including Pelosi, Reid, and his potential donors on Wall Street (even unions are making noises that he’s done, as is Soros).

Heck, even the LSM is starting, very quietly, to pose questions and make statements that would have been heresy back in ’08 (one even told MO that there is a real chance her husband could lose). No, I don’t expect a full-bore LSM turnaround, but I fully expect BO to be primaried. And to lose the dem nom.

The GOP doesn’t have to do a thing; the dems will oust him on their own.

common tater | June 30, 2011 at 9:11 am

Puppy puddling?

BO might flee the primary rat race if he gets ticked off enough by the in-house betrayals.

Fuzzy, I only hope you’re right. What makes me a little skeptical is that they would end up losing the black vote.

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Here’s what strikes me as desperate: the number of rightwing blogs all over the web chortling and rubbing their hands together at the thought of an anemic quarter of fundraising by Obama. Wow!

And get real, people: Obama is not going to be primaried. Focus on finding a Republican candidate who can actually compete.