As mentioned yesterday, Obama not only is running a cheesy $5 raffle fundraising stunt, he also is pushing donors hard to contribute something, even if it’s only $5, before the June 30 fundraising period closes. 

Whether to pad the dollar amounts or the numbers of donors, or both, the frenzy at this early date has all the makings of an Axelrod-Plouffe messaging operation to portray Obama as inevitable because of his fundraising strength, or at a minimum an effort to minimize any shortfall in expectations.

Obama, who yesterday held a press conference berating Republicans for not working hard enough on the budget deficit, is spending today at two last minute fundraisers in Pennsylvania.

And the campaign machine is pumpting out even more last minute requests for donations, no matter how small, such as this one forwarded to me by a reader:

Friend —

If you’re planning on donating to this campaign at any point in the next 16 months, you should do it now.

Tonight at midnight is not just your last chance to enter the “Dinner with Barack and Joe” contest, it’s also a hugely important fundraising deadline for this campaign — the first time we’ll report on our progress to the public and the press.

The next few hours are critical for us. Please donate $5 or more today:

Come next fall, people might not remember this date — or make the connection between the strength of our campaign then and the steps we took in these early months. But anyone worth their salt in politics knows tonight is one of the most important tests we’ll face as a campaign this year. Let’s hit it out of the park.



Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

At Legal Insurrection’s Facebook page, a reader suggested that the $5 donation was a good deal because for just another dollar, you get fries, and for another $1.98 you get a Slurpee.

No way. If I’m going to donate $5 to a Nobel Peace Prize willing President, I want a free Slurpee.


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