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Obama drops $5 dinner raffle to $3 – again

Obama drops $5 dinner raffle to $3 – again

I warned you not to pay $5 for the latest Obama dinner raffle, Warning on $5 Obama dinner raffle.  Based on past performance, as the quarterly reporting date approached, Obama would drop the price.

And sure enough, a reader forwarded me an e-mail with the $3 offer (full e-mail image below)(emphasis in original):

As chief operating officer of this campaign, I’m the person people come to when they want to spend the  money you’ve donated.

All the budgets, calculations, and planning lead to a simple “yes” or “no.” Yes, you can buy coffee and clipboards for neighborhood organizers in Ohio. No, you can’t have a fancy computer when a cheaper one does the job. That sort of thing.

Every team on the campaign has submitted their plans for the rest of this year — opening field offices, registering voters, building technology. And it all costs money.

I can’t say yes to everything — but what you do right now can help me say yes to more.

We have a critical fundraising deadline coming up on September 30th.

Help me say yes by giving $3 or more today.

*     *     *
Help me say yes to what we need to do to put our plans in motion by donating $3 or more today — you’ll even be automatically entered for a chance to have dinner with President Obama

Those of you who paid the $5. Well, you’ve been played. Again. Slurpee not included this time.


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to the full extent allowed by law.


This isn’t one of those things that fall under the “no purchase necessary” rules, or does it?

Got the same e-mail was just thinking “went from $5 to $3.”

I wonder what’s on the menue? In DC even a ‘Muffin’ is $16.

No purchase necessary. Do it the Chicago way: Enter early, enter often!!

That $2 price cut is actually $2 quadrillion of deficit reduction over the next 4 years and will fund the INTER-Continental railroad! said NO-Bow-Mao

Of course, the best part of His website:
Legal Compliance

Check this box to confirm that the following statements are true and accurate:
I am a United States citizen or a lawfully admitted permanent resident of the United States.

That’s just not fair.

Maybe this has been covered before…but I just don’t understand the point of dropping from $5 to $3. I mean…how many people are there who think “$5? No way. Oh, $3…I’m in“.

I can see going from, say $50 to $20. But how many MORE people can they be attracting with a $2 price drop? I don’t get it.