… Obama decided to do it again on a jobs plan.

The 2009 health care speech was what I dubbed the “have your cake and eat it too” speech, in which Obama lashed out at critics of the pending House and Senate legislation while offering solutions which were pie in the sky.  Obama also called opponents liars in substance if not by term, prompting Joe Wilson to respond in kind.  (Plenty of links to the coverage of the speech at Instapundit.)

Joe Wilson’s shout out is what was most remembered, but it was Obama in attack mode which should have been the headline.  (Turns out Wilson was right, a point I made at the time.)

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what Larry Sabato tweeted that night:

But that was the old hyper-partisan Obama.  Not like the new one:

President Obama is preparing to fight a political war this fall on two fronts — the first against Republicans who want his job and the second against Republicans who want to make his job more difficult.

Obama is taking dead-aim at the latter group, targeting Congress in a fall offensive that the president’s reelection campaign hopes will bruise the overall GOP image beyond repair….

What possibly could go wrong?