Obama plans a fall offensive against Republicans, according to The Hill (via JWF and Instapundit):

President Obama is preparing to fight a political war this fall on two fronts — the first against Republicans who want his job and the second against Republicans who want to make his job more difficult.

Obama is taking dead-aim at the latter group, targeting Congress in a fall offensive that the president’s reelection campaign hopes will bruise the overall GOP image beyond repair….

The more bruised and out-of-touch the House GOP seems, the more bruised and out-of-touch the party’s national leaders will seem, Democratic officials said.

“By embracing the Tea Party’s ideas, the Republican Party has rarely been more intransigent, and it is causing their brand to utterly collapse in the polls,” one official said. “That will have big consequences for both GOP presidential candidates and GOP members of Congress.”

This is nothing new.  The Demonizer-in-Chief has been demonizing for years.  Obama’s minions have been falsely accusing the Tea Party movement of racism and violence for years.  His party has developed the Strategy of Crazy.

Keep it up champ, because it’s worked so well for you so far.