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A psychiatrist named Sally Satel, who used to be part of the faculty at Yale, gave a guest lecture at the school in January on the opioid crisis with a focus on a town in Ohio. Shortly afterwards, a letter was sent to the department chair from “Concerned Yale Psychiatry Residents” which claimed her lecture was 'traumatizing' and accusing Satel of being a racist.

A Yale Law school student who is a Native American and a conservative, was recently accused of racism and called out by diversity administrators over a friendly email. That is not an exaggeration. The student, who is a member of the Federalist Society, sent out an email invitation to fellow students, and some ignorant members of the student body who received it, claimed it was racist and triggering.

In an age when nearly everyone appears keen to publicly prove their 'woke' credentials, students at Yale University refuse to be outdone. The quickest way to demonstrate your anti-racist bonafides on campus? Self-satisfied student government "resolutions" condemning only the Jewish State.