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Earlier this month, the teenage ‘boy in a skirt’ who was accused of raping a girl in a school bathroom and sexually assaulting two other girls, in Loudoun County, Virginia, was found guilty. The judge in the case said that she found the defendant's psychological/sexual profile disturbing and ruled that he was required to register as a sex offender. Now she has changed her mind.

Public schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, have students doing a classroom exercise involving the game of Bingo with a "privilege" card. The concept of privilege comes directly out of the Critical Race Theory playbook, but remember, Critical Race Theory definitely isn't being taught in public schools.

Over the weekend, as Republican Glenn Youngkin was sworn in as Virginia's new governor and began to take immediate actions, reports emerged that other new Republican elected officials were also cleaning house. Newly elected Attorney General Jason Miyares relieved around 30 staffers in the AG's office of their duties, over the howling protests of Democrats in Virginia. Miyares has also taken immediate steps to reverse democratic policies on prosecutions for certain crimes, investigate high profile public corruption, and reverse radical climate policy. Reactions were mixed, based on the political perspective of the commenters.