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This quote from the L.A. Times about Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels (aka Stephanie Clifford) parting ways perfectly sums up the result of Avenatti's legal prowess:
"While the two lawsuits produced no courtroom victory for Avenatti, they did turn him into a celebrity"

Stephanie Clifford, better known as Stormy Daniels, sued Donald Trump for defamation over Trump's assertion that Daniels' lied about supposed threats against her. She is represented in the case by Democrat presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti. Those alleged threats were covered by us on April 17, 2018, Internet Works Feverishly to Identify Sketch of Stormy Daniel’s Alleged Threatener After Her Attorney Posts Reward Offer:

Monday, a federal judge dismissed Stormy Daniels's defamation lawsuit against President Trump. When Trump suggested the porn actress lied about being told to keep quiet about their alleged relationship, Daniels then claimed Trump defamed her. Not only was the complaint dismissed, but Daniels was ordered to pay Trump's legal fees.

The Michael Cohen court drama continues. We previously wrote about a motion for a protective order filed by attorney Peter Gleason seeking a protective order as to records seized from Michael Cohen that pertained to certain accusers against former NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Court Filing: Trump and Michael Cohen were aware of Schneiderman alleged assaults in 2013.

Michael Avenatti has been described by the NY Times at the "ringmaster" in the Michael Cohen circus. The fight going on in the SDNY over Avenatti's request for permission to appear in the case certainly is turning into a circus, with the Judge likely to stop the show early next week. For background on the case and the role Avenatti is playing, see these prior posts: